Look and feel good in these stylish shoes.

Many of us are finally starting to get out of the house more, going out to dinner with friends, shopping, returning to the office, and planning summer trips. After a long winter full of snowstorms and intense weather, it’s time to put away our collection of winter boots and swap them for spring models.

The advantage of having a healthy sneaker collection is that you can be extremely comfortable and stylish at the same time. Whether you’re looking for something you can wear casually on a daily basis or want to throw on a pair to hit the gym, there are plenty of gorgeous options for both.

Sneakers are also a great way to add some color to an otherwise plain outfit. You can opt for a bright, patterned pair or opt for something more understated.

Best sneakers for women 2022

Hoff Skyline Water Repellent Trainers

Liven up a solid outfit with a solid color sneaker. This powdery blue-green color is perfect with jeans or trousers (hello, Friday casual shoes), but it will also go great with spring dresses and skirts. A cushioned sockliner ensures you’re comfortable all day, and a water-repellent exterior keeps your feet dry and your shoes clean, even on rainy days.

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Cariuma OCA low-top sneakers

cariuma low OCA sneakers

For a dose of cheerful color, consider adding yellow sneakers to your collection. These low top shoes are made from organic cotton, recycled plastics and cork, so they’re eco-friendly and cute. The sole is lightly weighted, making every step intentional without bringing you down.

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Vessi women’s weekend shoe

vessi weekend shoe

Thanks to innovative technology, this knit sneaker is 100% waterproof. and washable. The knit is tight enough to keep water out, but still allows airflow so you don’t get sweaty feet. There are 12 colors in this style, but you can also opt for a premium style if you prefer.

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Able Emmy Sneakers

emmy capable sneakers

A simple white sneaker can go with just about anything. The hint of caramel-colored leather on the heels of these is an elegant yet noticeable touch. ABLE makes them from leather, so they’re easy to clean of dirt, stains, or scuffs, and durable enough to wear for years.

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Rothy’s Slip-On Sneakers


Meghan Markle was spotted wearing Rothy’s flat signature Many times. Dress like a duchess with this slip-on pair that comes in 14 different prints and colors. These are made from Rothy’s signature yarn, which is spun from recycled plastic water bottles. The best part? These shoes are machine washable. Muddy messes are no match for this fabric.

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Veja Campo sneakers

veja campo sneaker with pink accents

You may have heard our team rave about Veja’s. Clare P. from KCM lives there most of the time, especially when she is running errands in town. They are not only stylish, but the brand believes in creating a product that will have a lasting positive impact. Founded in 2005, Veja became the first sneaker brand to use fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

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Allbirds Wool Treadmill

all the birds

If you’re one of those people who hasn’t clicked on one of Allbirds’ Instagram ads, it’s time you did. Katie spoke to the founder of shoe brand Tim Brown Last year. He talked about his difficult path to founding Allbirds and how he tries to break the shoe mold with their durable and fashionable product. You’ve probably spotted their signature wool runners, but we love these super soft and comfy too. Wool loungers.

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OnCloud Sneakers

on Cloudwift running shoes

Molner, here — If you know me, you know I love my sneakers. I was struggling to find the perfect pair that was both comfortable and beautiful. This pair is just that. OnCloud’s innovative technology was designed to perfect the racing experience. Whether you’re going for a run or heading to the office, these shoes will keep your feet happy. This pair is by far my favorite.

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Superga Cotu Trainers

superga sneakers

Have you heard of the Italian shoe line Superga? These sneakers are a KCM favorite. They are easy to wear and have been designed for dressing up or dressing down. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from, most of which would go well with just about any outfit. The best part? They can be thrown in the washing machine, just like your favorite jeans.

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Birdie Swift Trainers

birdies corduroy sneakers

Treat Your Feet With These comfortable slip-on sneakers of Birdies. Birdies is known for its adorable sneaker that is secretly a slipper. The shoe brand was founded by two busy mums who were frustrated that there wasn’t a more stylish slipper on the market. They decided to design their own, and it quickly became a go-to shoe that took people everywhere, from the office to the kitchen. This slip-on sneakers is designed for you on the go. It is available in seven different colors and has a removable insole.

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