The time it takes me to pick out a pair of sneakers every day, when I’m not working with anyone and my sneakers don’t even see each other, is ridiculous. I like my shoes. I have the advantage of having gone through my branding phases with adidas and Nike. I even have my favorite Jordans, but as I got older my tastes changed and I became more experimental as my peers wear Monarchs and Skechers. I know comfort is king, and most of my peers have been married and passed their collections on to their sons, but I started a whole new collection. In my options are handmade sneakers from COMUNITY, Karhu and Clarks. I’m also going around the world with Brandblack, Red Ball Jets and Zen Running Club. My closet has a great diversity. Since I’ve aged my wardrobe, I’m wearing a burnt orange New Balance 1300 Made in USA today, I thought I might create a list of kicks I don’t have yet, but I planning to buy.

1. Fila Suede Tennis 88 Strawberry Ice

Maybe it’s the frenzy of Snowfall that makes me feel Fila right now. Maybe it’s the sweet suede strawberry flavor of this shoe? Real men wear pink, right? Either way, this Fila Suede is a mature take on a very fashionable pair.


CLAE remains a must-have on any list for a guy looking to elevate the wardrobe of fresh high school and collegefor professional but always fresh. This pair comes with a set of matching tennis balls.


3. New Balance Made in USA 992 Todd Snyder

This Todd Snyder version of the 992 is sadly sold out, but whatever. I’m dropping it here, as the boring and unremarkable gray NB is lifted with just a touch of tan leather throughout the upper. You’ll likely have to pay hefty resell fees to find a pair, which I don’t recommend when there are so many options here to switch.


4. ASICS Gel Lyte III Glacier Grey/Piedmont Gray

There is always a time for Gel Lyte. The split tongue design is comfortable and the classic running trainer, with a premium suede construction, shows young sneaker fans that it doesn’t have to be hype or a collaboration to be. costs.


5. Timberland Euro Trekker Black/Wheat Mesh

A Timberland, an Air Max 95 and a Reebok Question walk into a surgeon’s room… This is not an easy sneaker to slip on. If you have the right denim, you can possibly gather it. Why am I posting it here? It’s definitely a pair that fits into my rotation as I’m starting to do a lot of walking and we all get to do a few date nights where we can put in a mile or two.


6. Filling Pieces Crease Runner – Yellow

This is without a doubt the most experimental pair on the list. While it has a retro training vibe, the modern design element of an extended midfoot waffle outsole is a distinctive head-turning look, made all the more noticeable by the flecks of color in the rubber. The use of corduroy on the upper obviously gives it a fall aura, but if you really want to hit those around you in style, this is perhaps the most dope drop on this list. Unfortunately for me they are not a size 13.


7. Puma Porsche Motorsports Legacy Suede

The cheapest option on this list is surprisingly the most expensive legacy brand collaboration. Puma makes motorsport sneakers for Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. This classic suede rings in at just $80. It’s a simple and clean look with some hidden details. A Porsche Targa keychain hangs to the side with a splash of turquoise and racing stripes on the heel. On the insole is an image of the classic Targa. You may not own the car, but your feet can navigate in subtle style.


8. Diadora Mi Basket Row Cut Choco Breakfast

I said the FP was the most experimental pair, but maybe I should swap it out for Diadora’s Chocolate Breakfast. Again, this is not experimental. It has the most interesting color blocking. There are other new colors in this model that could have made it to the list, but the Chocolate Peanut Butter Strawberry Milk Suede looks like a Saturday morning meal. The brand made a mistake trying to get back into the market by entering Foot Locker stores with collabs like the Rocky hangtag series featuring Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed, but this model makes up for that mistake. Diadora is a boutique brand, not a mainstream sneaker store brand.


9. Birkenstock Lugano Mink

My daughter is a track and field athlete. She recently sprained her foot due to overuse. The same problem she has, a lot of men who work in warehouses or stand on their feet every day. I know guys are always nervous about showing their toes but this is one of those times when your partner should take care of you and send you for a pedicure and a foot massage and then you get a pair of these Lugano sandals. I’m raising my daughter because the Lugano’s footbed is soft and supportive. Cork and EVA cushioning molds to the shape of your feet, creating a cradle that supports and helps your feet recover. They are also beautiful.


10. Nike Free Crater Trail Moc N7

Nike’s N7 collection celebrates Native American culture. This sneaker has an obvious Moc reference, but that’s where the obvious ends. The shoe features premium materials and a unique woven construction with contrasting colors. The recycled midsole and outsole combination is a bonus, but this is a pair that will generate dialogue in any setting. When you tell the story of the celebration of the seventh generation of indigenous peoples, the shoes will take on a greater meaning.