As a stylist who’s been in the industry for 10 years, I’ve spent a lot of time on my feet. With the desire to look good but feel comfortable when working with clients, choosing the right pair of shoes can be difficult. If you’re looking for a new set of kicks, check out these fashionable yet functional favourites.

Basketball: Black Leather Studded Converse Platform

These platform chucks are one of my favorite pairs of work shoes. The rigs have become my favorite overall, but these cleated leather chucks are particularly amazing because of the non-slip sole and easy-to-clean outer shell. I opted for these in black due to all the flying hair and hair color. Bonus points, they look great in any season and with almost any outfit.

Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Shoes in Black Leather Studded Best Shoes to Wear to Work for Hair Stylists |  Mane Addicts
(by Converse)

Boots: Dr. Marten’s Smooth Leather Lace-up Boots

I’ve been a lifelong Doc Marten fan, and while I might be a fan of the knee-high style, the ankle-high Docs are great for the job and easier to get on and off. These boots are ideal for stylists because they are easy to clean and they keep hair, color and chemicals out between your toes. Doc Martens are my go-to for the colder months, although they look great with a denim jacket and babydoll dress. I have them in smooth black and the platform version in rustic brown.

Dr. Marten's Smooth Leather Combat Boots Are The Best Shoes To Wear To Work For Barbers |  Mane Addicts
(via Dr. Marten)

Low heel: Steve Madden mules

I love feeling the sun on my feet during the summer months, but as a stylist, I can’t handle splinters of hair between my toes (yes, it does exist and it’s awful). Cut to these delightfully ’90s clogs from Steve Madden. These mules are perfect for the warmer months as they keep things cool and airy with an open back, while covering the toes. The heel is low enough to stand on all day, and they look great with a jumpsuit.

Low Heel Steve Madden Mules Are The Best Shoes To Wear To Work For Hairdressers |  Mane Addicts
(via Nordstrom rack)

Slip-on shoes: Slip-On Platforms Vans

I know I keep saying “these shoes are my favorite”, but these shoes really have become my favourites. This updated version of the Classic Vans Slip-On features a platform sole, which makes these shoes much more comfortable than I remember. I wore the Vans OG Slip-Ons every day as a kid and the platform sole really stands out. In my years behind the chair, I’ve found that having a slightly raised yet even sole makes my feet’s day much easier. Bonus points for these that slide over your feet with ease, so coming home and “taking off your shoes” is now literal. I own them in the classic black and white checkerboard, as well as a custom pair with orange piping. I usually wear them with more casual outfits or when running from the salon to the beauty supply store.

Vans Classic Slip On Platform |  Mane Addicts
(by vans)

No lace boot: Madden Girls Chelsea Boots

If combat boots aren’t your thing, Chelsea boots are a low-key alternative to the ankle boot. Ideal for the cooler months but cute all year round, the shining star of these shoes is the sole. Non-slip shoes that are really cute are king in the salon world. Again, these boots are easy to clean and will protect your feet, while looking great with pants, jeans, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses…. just about anything and everything!

Madden Girls Chelsea Boots |  Mane Addicts
(via DSW)