In a collaboration only a true Southerner could imagine (and perhaps appreciate), Waffle House has concocted a new shoe with Adidas to celebrate the 2022 Masters Tournament.

Based in Georgia, where the Master’s takes place, Waffle House is a Southern institution. According to Adidas’ press release, the design philosophy of the Tour360 x Waffle House shoe was to combine classic Waffle House ingredients with one of the “most iconic shoes” in golf.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better marriage between our signature waffles, the Adidas TOUR360 22 golf shoe, and our signature restaurants,” said Walt Ehmer, president and CEO of Waffle House in a statement. “Who knew our famous Sweet Cream Waffles could also be so fun to wear?”

The design of the collab shoe is quite to behold. It comes in an off-white “paste-like” color and the leather is embossed with a plaid pattern to look like a waffle. The heel logo features Waffle House’s signature yellow sign, and if you turn the shoe upside down, the transparent sole looks like syrup is spilling out.

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The off-white color resembles batter while the transparent stripes mimic syrup.


The shoe has special yellow sock liners with Adidas and Waffle House logos. The box that houses each pair is also designed to look like everyone’s favorite 3 a.m. breakfast.

The partnership between the two brands is obvious. Waffle House’s headquarters are in Norcross, Georgia, just over two hours west of the Masters’ home. As well-known institutions in Georgia, it was only a matter of time before we had this delightful team.

As Tom VanHaaren reported to ESPN, Adidas reps aren’t sure if the waffle shoes would be worn by any PGA Tour ambassadors, but it’s possible one of the players will wear the shoe at the Par 3 contest on Wednesday.

If what you’re reading here has you in the mood for a pair, the limited-edition shoe goes on sale Thursday, April 7. The shoes sell for $210 for the men’s version and $200 for the women’s version.