From airplane corridors and airport terminals to hotel lobbies and downtown sidewalks, flight attendants spend a lot of time on their feet. In my final months as a flight attendant, I wore a pedometer and logged over 10,000 steps while working a single flight from Los Angeles to New York. It’s almost unbelievable to imagine all of these steps happening, back and forth, down a narrow aisle. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for durable and supportive shoes that will keep us going after all these stages and look great during a layover. As we all start heading out on the trips we’ve been postponing for the past two years, I asked a group of current crew members to strut their stuff on a different kind of track and tell me what they packed and wore to work, exercise and explore. The result? Infallible recommendations to consult during your next purchase of a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

For the stopover

Adidas Daily 3.0 Shoes

One of my favorites is the Daily shoe from Adidas. Available in many different colors, the shoe is designed for comfortable walking with breathable textiles and a lightweight feel. I like a lace-up shoe to prevent any slipping when walking long distances (it helps prevent bruises on my toes and ankle) and together with the rubber outsole it’s great for pavements and hills. grassy surfaces, and also withstands a little rain.

Roxy Bayshore slip-on sneakers

Arch support was a theme that many flight attendants I spoke with echoed, and another brand at the top of their list is Roxy. From sneakers to sandals, Roxy makes lightweight, durable shoes with cushioned memory foam insoles and arch support. They’re also versatile enough to pair with a few different outfits to cut down on overpacking.

Beach sandals Olukai Kīpe’a

When it comes to packaging, space is an issue for everyone, even flight attendants. “On layovers, I take the lightest, most compact shoe I can find, but it still needs to be comfortable. Especially if I’m going to New York or somewhere where I plan to walk a lot. are just flip-flops. But it’s a very specific sort of flip-flop: Olukai,” Kelly, a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, told me. Along with being easy to pack, she said that she preferred this sandal because of its arch support.

For the gym

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Running Shoe

A number of male flight attendants have told me about Brooks, which focuses exclusively on making running shoes (for men and women). “My feet never get hot and the shoes fit perfectly,” says Juan, a flight attendant for Avianca. “You never worry about them coming loose and interrupting your workout.”

Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Trainers

Skechers made two appearances on this list, this time as a women’s training shoe. Designed for running and walking, this shoe is designed with enhanced cushioning and cooling properties to ensure a comfortable workout, and some of them are made with recycled materials. Danielle from American Airlines told me these are her favorite workout shoes because “I focus a lot on cardio, running, walking and jumping; these shoes make you feel like you’re walking on air.

In the plane

Mary Jane Dansko Fawna Shoes

Flight attendants often replace their “terminal shoes” (usually high heels) with in-flight flats once the cabin door is closed – they are easier to walk in and are more comfortable for the duration of the flight. But there are also Danskos: the shoes you don’t have to trade. An Alaska Airlines flight attendant named Amy told me, “I wear Dansko Mary Janes…I don’t change my shoes in-flight because I just want to be comfortable all the time.” So comfortable there’s no need to pack two pairs of shoes, Dansko became the clog of choice for nurses and chefs before flight attendants embraced and adopted them. The company also offers shoes for men.

Slip-on Rockport SL2

A favorite among male crew members (and riders too) is the Rockport SL2 slip-on. The shoes are extremely lightweight, yet comfortable enough to wear all day long. Mike, an Allegiant flight attendant, said: “I’ve literally worn them for over 16 hours straight and never felt the need to take them off or that I needed to reconsider what I’m wearing at the work.” Rockport says the shoe is designed for all-day wear thanks to “flex grooves” in the sole that help reduce foot fatigue.

In and out of the plane

Oakley LifeStride Tall Boot

During the winter months, many airlines allow flight attendants to wear boots, and many can’t wait for boot season. Since the winter months can also bring lots of rain and snow, the standout shoe of the flight attendants I spoke to was a pair of Oakley LifeStide Tall Boots – a favorite not just for comfort, but also because they are water resistant and work well in the terminal, on the plane and for layovers in search of local cuisine.

Skechers Cottonwood Goddard SR work shoe

My personal shoe of choice when working as a cabin crew was a dependable pair of Skechers dress shoes. These leather shoes with a non-slip sole provided the comfort needed to survive a flight from Los Angeles to New York thanks to a cushioned memory foam insole. There’s also no metal in the stub, which means those with TSA Pre-Check can walk through security checkpoints without worrying about setting off metal detectors. The shoe is also versatile enough to be worn with casual clothes on a layover. Stephen, a flight attendant at Frontier Airlines, told me this: “I personally don’t know how flight attendants put an extra pair of shoes in their Rollaboards. I wear my Skechers work shoes with and for everything on and off the plane.