Amazon just gave everyone a super big Labor Day giveaway: Its best-selling Adidas sneakers are almost 40% off right now, and you’re going to want shoes like these for running grabs. this killing affair.

adidas Puremotion Adapt Running Shoe

Now 38% off


Thanks to this incredible sale, the Puremotion Adapt running shoe, which is the perfect cross between a sports shoe and a slipper, is only $40. (Uh, yeah, they’re literally slip-ons.)

Adidas says the shoes are “engineered for running. Revitalized for style. Sharp and simple, meets clean and laceless.” The brand even gave the shoe a sassy personality: “Cut the unnecessary, keep the attitude.” The frame is sock-like comfortable, while the cloud foam sole provides “next-level comfort,” according to Amazon. Basically, it’s like wearing pillows on your feet.

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But this style can speak for itself…or the 10,000+ five-star ratings can do the trick. “I love them a lot !!” said a customer. Another praised the sneaker, saying it was “exactly what I was hoping for!” A third fan gave some sage advice to potential buyers: “Treat yourself, they’re amazing.”

The sneaker is available in 33 different colors, so there’s a style for every personality type. But to be fully transparent they are all cute, you might want to choose a few options. And according to the reviews, you wouldn’t be the first. “I love them so much I had to buy a pair in black,” said one customer. “I already have 5 pairs and will continue to buy them,” said another.

The people have spoken. Don’t miss your chance to wear these fashionable and functional sneakers for almost half the price.

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