Allbirds tree flyers are here – and we have thoughts.

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Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived, many of us are looking to do our workouts outside.

When it comes to summer fitness, the proper footwear is key to making your workout not only more comfortable, but easier on your body.

One shoe company that has earned a place in my heart is Allbirds. The eco-friendly, carbon-neutral footwear and apparel brand has created some of my favorite pairs of flats and running shoes that not only look great, but treat my feet like royalty.

I’m not alone in my love for Allbirds; celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff and Kate Hudson have all been spotted in the brand’s durable shoes.

When I heard that Allbirds were releasing their latest sneaker, the Tree Flyer, I decided to see if the rest of my team would love lightweight, breathable running shoes as much as I do.

Yahoo Lifestyle Canada Editors tested a pair of Allbirds’ newest sneakers to see if the Tree Flyers get the team’s approval.

Allbirds Tree Leaflet.

Allbirds Tree Leaflet.

$210 CAD at Allbirds Canada $160 CAD at Allbirds US

The details

The Allbirds Tree Flyers feature Swiftfoam, an organic castor bean-based midsole that provides plenty of bounce and cushioning with every step you take. The uniquely shaped heel incorporates a flared geometric design that helps runners keep their stride stable and a lightweight, breathable knit eucalyptus upper to keep your feet cool while you move.

Like all Allbirds shoes, the Tree Flyers are machine washable, making them ideal for tough (and sweaty) workouts. Whenever your shoes need a refresh, you run them through a cool, delicate wash cycle and let them air dry!

Elizabeth Di Filippo, Lifestyle and Reporting Editor

Let’s get one thing straight: I love Allbirds shoes. I love them walking, I love them exercising – basically I’m obsessed with the brand and what they stand for. Although I’m biased, I’ll do my best to be unbiased about the brand’s latest performance runner.

Even though the Tree Flyers are designed for racing, I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and can barely waddle quickly around the block. That said, my feet swelled during pregnancy and my old runners are now too tight for me to wear (tiny fiddles hint). The Tree Flyer’s eucalyptus knit upper is very flexible and molds to the foot, which is great for me and my ever-changing feet.

Allbirds Tree Flyers in bright orange.

Allbirds Tree Flyers in bright orange.

I’ll warn you – when the brand says these shoes are breathable, they’re not lying. As someone who hates wearing socks, it was an odd feeling to feel the wind through the knit upper; strange but in no way off-putting.

Since I can’t run (yet), I couldn’t comment on the stability and rebound of the shoe. I can only say that they are a welcome relief for my very sore and very swollen feet when I need to lug my bump around the neighborhood.

I look forward to the days when I can see my feet, tie my own shoes, and put these Tree Flyers through their paces!

Kate Mendonca, Shopping and Lifestyle Editor

I admit that even though I’m not a big runner, I like to start my day with a morning walk around the neighborhood or a weekend hike with my family. So to put these running shoes to the test, that’s exactly what I did.

I wore them on a hike through Toronto’s High Park, which those familiar with the area know is very hilly, with a variety of paved and wooded trails. The shoes were surprisingly light on my feet and, as promised, added extra bounce to my step thanks to their SwiftFoam midsole. I also wore them on my daily outings for shopping and running errands, and their comfort stood up to a day on my feet.

I have worn Allbirds shoes in the past and can say they are definitely the most comfortable and lightest of the bunch which would be a big plus when running. As for the design, I’m still not sure if I’m a fan of the angular soles and neon colorway of the shoes. However, for the comfort and durability with which they are made, I will probably come back to these running shoes again and again.

Allbirds Tree Flyers in Hush Cream.

Allbirds Tree Flyers in Hush Cream.

Kayla Kuefler, Shopping and Lifestyle Editor

If there’s one COVID-time hobby I’ve stuck with, it’s walking 10,000 steps a day. Since the start of the pandemic, my daily walks have been a comfort to my mental and physical health and, as you can imagine, have worn down their fair share of running shoes.

Because I’m an avid walker, I was thrilled to see if the Allbirds sneakers lived up to the internet hype and praise from my colleague Elizabeth. First impressions: they are very comfortable. The shoes were light and I could really feel a spring in my step compared to my other athletic shoes. Although I haven’t taken the sneakers out for a run yet, their lightweight construction has helped keep my feet from overheating during my summer walks.

However, while I find the shoes incredibly comfortable, their bright, geometric design is a bit out of my wheelhouse style. In a perfect world, I would have preferred the comfort of the Tree Flyers with a cleaner, less bulky design.

Allbirds yellow sneakers on the sidewalk with green leaves on the side of the photo

Testing my Allbirds!

Chris Stoodley, Lifestyle and News Editor

Running isn’t necessarily my favorite physical activity, but I do enjoy walking to my local gym to do leg presses, do barbell squats, and sweat on the elliptical—and honestly, these Allbirds have seriously improved my workouts.

Endurance and strength are certainly key factors when you’re loading (or straining) during a workout, but having sturdy, comfortable shoes is also extremely important. The Tree Flyers have a solid base that keeps you grounded when you drop for a lunge, but the shoe’s soft knit shell lets you bend your foot comfortably. Some sneakers I’ve owned from other brands also featured soft knit patterns and you could easily feel your feet slipping through the mesh layer, but these Allbirds grip your ankle to make sure your feet don’t go anywhere.

Allbirds tree flyers are available in five colors.

Allbirds tree flyers are available in five colors.

While some of my co-workers aren’t big fans of the shoe’s geometric edges, I’m all for a sneaker that breaks from the boring traditional mold that’s typically used these days. Plus, it’s pretty hard to find something that ticks the boxes for style, comfort, and lightness. But with these, I’d still prefer a non-neon color that isn’t so screaming in the face, “I’m working out!!!”

Hilary Hagerman, Lifestyle Editor

These AllBirds sneakers are trendy and lightweight.

These AllBirds sneakers are trendy and lightweight.

I’m pretty meh about running shoes – as someone who walks a lot but never runs or hits the gym, I usually stick to a pair of Converse or some awesome old Reeboks. That said, I’ve heard rave reviews about Allbirds from friends, so I was looking forward to trying them out. First of all, the Tree Flyers were ridiculously comfortable right out of the box. I have low arches so a lot of sneakers hurt my feet, but these molded to my foot immediately and didn’t cause any issues. The first time I wore them was for a 12 mile walk (a pretty bold choice for a new pair of shoes, IMO) and I was honestly blown away by how comfortable and light they were.

While some of my colleagues are on the fence about the design, I personally love the look of these shoes – they’re a sleek take on your regular trainer, yet still comfortable. I was able to try them on in black which went great with everything from leggings to jeans to skirts but hopefully in the future they will come in purple or pink (like the Lux Purple in which Tree Dasher 2 is available).

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