Which black Puma shoes are the best?

Black shoes have a sleek and stylish look that can go with almost anything. Puma offers a wide selection of black shoes for athletics and casual wear.

Founded in Germany in 1948, Puma has established itself as the world’s third largest manufacturer of sports products. It manufactures footwear for multiple sports while focusing on creating environmentally friendly products. The best is the Basketball Smash 2. It’s comfortable and its simple design makes it a versatile shoe that can be worn with almost anything.

What to know before buying black Puma shoes

Why wear black shoes?

Black shoes can work well with casual and semi-formal attire. They have a heavy and bold look that often goes best with a simple outfit. You want to wear black shoes with dark pants and avoid wearing them with contrasting colors, like beige.

There are different variations of black Puma shoes. You can buy all black or black with a white sole or a Puma badge. And just because a shoe is black doesn’t mean it hides dirt, so you need to take care of it and clean it like you would lighter colored shoes.


Some black Pumas are great casual shoes for every day, but Puma also makes shoes for basketball, training, and motorsports.

Puma makes golf shoes and soccer cleats, while their running shoes are designed for three types of runners: frequent, occasional, and competitive.

Type of shoe

There are three main types of black Puma shoes.

  • Bass: Cut below the ankle, low tops are most common with tennis shoes, running shoes, casual shoes and some sneakers.
  • Top of the line: These are higher to provide better ankle support and are common with basketball shoes and some casual shoes.
  • mid-high: These are the best of both worlds. They provide support but are not restrictive. Puma offers sneakers and mid-top casual shoes.

What to Look for in Quality Black Puma Shoes


This innovative line of Puma shoes is made with sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester. They are a great alternative to leather shoes as they are less harmful to the environment.

Soft foam

This is Puma’s patented dual density insole. Cushion layers in the sole make these shoes more comfortable and durable. This technology is found in many athletic and casual black Puma shoes


This new foam cushioning technology has been designed to improve the comfort and performance of select Puma running shoes. It is structured to support pressure points on the foot.


This synthetic fiber is elastic and breathable, so it is used to make the upper of some Puma shoes more comfortable.

How much can you expect to spend on black Puma shoes

The price varies depending on the size, material and type of shoe. High-end black Pumas are $350, but basic lifestyle shoes are around $40. You can find children’s shoes and sandals under $20.

Black Puma Shoes FAQ

Does Puma make wide shoes?

A. Yes, Puma makes wide shoes, but most Pumas tend to be narrower and smaller than some other brands. Classic Pumas tend to fit best on those with wide feet, but every shoe is different and some may fit your foot.

How do I clean my black leather or vegan Puma shoes?

A. First, use a dry brush or toothbrush to remove any excess dirt. Then, mix a delicate cleaning solution, such as mild laundry detergent or dish soap, into the sink and soak the shoes. Be sure to air dry them and don’t put them in a dryer as this may loosen the glue that holds the shoes together.

How long do Puma shoes last?

A. The general rule with any pair of sneakers you wear regularly is to replace them every eight to 12 months or after 500 miles of use.

What are the best black Puma shoes to buy?

Black Puma shoes

Smash 2 Trainers

What do you want to know: These sneakers are a modern take on the classic tennis-inspired design. They are made with premium leather uppers and come with a new and improved fit.

What you will love: The soles have superior grip, while the all-black design creates a clean look. They are also durable, so they can last.

What you should consider: This shoe has a narrow fit, so if you have a wider foot, consider going up a size. This style is only available in men’s sizes, so women should order a size smaller than 1.5.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top black Puma shoes for the money

Best Roma Core Sneakers

Roma Basic Trainers

What do you want to know: These lightweight training shoes from the archives are a throwback to 1968 style.

What you will love: These vegan leather shoes are designed with a compression molded midsole and bootie construction. To enhance comfort, support and mobility, this style offers a rubber outsole to create a firm grip no matter the terrain. The lace closure helps maintain a firm yet comfortable fit.

What you should consider: This style of shoe is only available in men’s sizes, so women should order a size smaller than 1.5.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Carina Basketball

Carina sneakers

What do you want to know: Inspired by a look made popular in California beach towns in the 1980s, this is a sturdy shoe with a simple design.

What you will love: Designed for style and comfort, these shoes have a sock liner, which provides extra cushioning. They come in other black and white color combinations. These shoes are perfect for long days on the go and can go with almost any outfit.

What you should consider: SoftFoam technology can take up more space in the shoe, so consider ordering a half size larger than your usual shoe size.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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