High school football is just under three weeks away, and the Harrisburg Bulldogs are looking to fill some big shoes after a historic season last year.

Long-time head coach Steve Hopkins says the team has never had practice with more than 20 guys in the past until this year when they had none even less than 30.

With the big turnout, there are big question marks around Hopkins’ offense.

“We lost our best tackle ever. We lost our best receiver ever. We lost our best quarterback ever. Those young men were precious and yet we have two or three kids who are now four-year-old starters who are stepping right into those roles,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins despite earning his all-star diploma, he has faith in the back four and the main task is to find the guy to throw at them.

“I think quarterbacking will be a work in progress until we’re ready to face Cabool. We’ll have our own first scrimmage on Saturday and each of the quarterbacks will have a turn with the top unit,” said Hopkins.

He also said he wouldn’t be surprised if they still rotated several quarterbacks in the first week.

“I won’t mind that, but our goal is to get better when we get into our own league, which is week three,” Hopkins said.

Harrisburg’s Week 1 game is at home against Cabool on August 28.