Weird hat lover, maestro of big cuts, Chris Pine once again caught our attention. Twice in a month might seem like a lot, but as long as the guy keeps freaking out, we have to tell you so you can freak him out too. By now, he’s amassed enough notable outfits to make a pretty epic run for the sartorial Hall of Fame. During a panel on his next film (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among ThievesFYI!) At San Diego Comic Con, Pine took the stage in front of an adoring audience wearing a pale lemon camp shirt and dusty pink pants – relaxed enough to perform some high kicks, of course – accented by gold jewelry.

Hit me in the face, please.

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Besides nailing the high kick (we’re guessing), it also nails the basics of a stellar summer cut. Camp shirt + casual chinos = foolproof end of July outfit. (We love an easy math problem!) But because he’s Chris Pine, he updates the equation ever so slightly. Where you might expect a vibrant print or juicy jewel tones, you get an understated print and soft pastels. Add a touch of gold jewelry and a 90s boy band haircut to the mix and her outfit becomes one for the books.

Then there are the shoes. What pair does a style vet with Pine’s degree of expertise wear with this kind of summer outfit? The sneakers are not dressy enough. Moccasins would be a good choice, certainly, but perhaps a little played. Instead, Pine topped off her cut with a pair of huarache sandals nearly identical to those made by Nisolo (the brand isn’t saying if they’re an exact match yet, but they definitely look like one). These woven leather uppers give her outfit an otherwise understated texture, pattern, and warmth, completing the entire look.

In practice, huarache aren’t just good summer footwear: they’re an easy fix for a host of head-scratching sartorial issues. They’re not as casual as sneakers, but they’re way more comfortable than loafers thanks to their breathable uppers and plush crepe soles. These are the kind of shoes that say you regularly vacation on the Amalfi Coast and travel there first class.

How much do these easy-to-wear slip-on shoes cost? A mere $150. As Pine, no stranger to low-budget indie production, well knows, you don’t always have to be rich to emulate his style.