Are you considering collecting sneakers as your new hobby for 2022?

We don’t blame you! Some pairs of shoes see their value increase tenfold (or more…) over time. Start your own sneaker collection and you could get a slice of this lucrative pie!

Not only that, but you’ll be getting your hands on some of the most stylish shoes ever made. It’s a win-win.

However, the sought-after sneakers are not cheap. So, with a lot of money on the table, it’s important to know what you’re doing! Want help getting started?

Check out our complete beginner’s guide to the sneaker collection.

Humble beginnings

The shoe collection has exploded in popularity in recent years, with more people than ever paying exorbitant prices to buy and trade limited-edition shoes.

But it has not always been so! The origins of this expensive hobby can be traced back to Nike’s original (and now iconic) Air Jordan in 1985.

Jordans weren’t just sports gear, they became a fashion statement. For the first time, the shoes became a status symbol among consumers, leading Nike to release all sorts of new designs and color combinations.

The obsession to achieve every variation grew from there, eventually producing a shoe-related subculture. This has accelerated as the internet has become an increasing part of everyday life. Suddenly, sneaker enthusiasts around the world were able to discuss the trend, share tips and organize exchanges.

Fast forward two decades and an entire industry has been born around the practice!

Sneaker companies are now selling limited-edition shoes, creating variations on classic sneakers, and driving demand by releasing new versions in specific locations rather than around the world. Ultimately, for fashion-conscious people with deep pockets, collecting sneakers has become a way of life.

How to start

Obviously, the practice of sneaker collecting is nothing new. Yet, it can still remain a mystery when you haven’t done it yet! If you’re a budding shoe collector and want some tips on how to get started, this section should help.

Start slow

Our first piece of advice is to avoid the temptation to spend your money on a crazy purchase. Unless you’re determined to buy a particular pair of shoes (or have so much money that it doesn’t matter what you buy!), opting for multiple pairs that meet many needs is a safer option.

Instead of having a super expensive set of shoes that you are even afraid to wear, you could have running shoes, retro sneakers, etc. In other words, you spread the expense and gain practical value from everything you buy.

Don’t forget comfort

Another common beginner mistake is prioritizing looks over comfort. Do not do it ! These sleek pairs of sneakers may look fantastic, but their lack of cushioning can make them a nightmare to wear.

Of course, that changes if your plan is to buy and hold desirable sneakers to sell later. In these cases, the focus is no longer on comfort but on the potential return on investment! After all, they will likely sit in storage until you decide to resell them.

Get what you want

Like any type of collectible, it doesn’t matter what others think of the pair you want to buy! Feel free to ask around for second opinions from other sneakerheads you know. But don’t take their personal thoughts too seriously.

Remember that personal taste is exactly that…staff. Regardless of popular opinion, you should buy the sneakers you love (and that fit your feet and your budget!). Take this approach and you will always have a collection to be proud of.

Priority to versatility

Another approach taken by some collectors is to ensure that the first pairs they buy are versatile in nature. That means resisting the urge to buy those bright yellow sneakers that don’t match anything you usually wear! Add them to your collection and they will likely remain untouched instead of having any real use.

Again, unless you’re a serious collector who buys to make a profit (rather than to add to your wardrobe), shoes are made to be worn! Make sure your first purchases are shoes you’ll wear often.

Start with Air Max

Opinions vary as to which is the best pair of sneakers to start a new collection. However, a name always come :

Air Max.

An iconic shoe that is a staple in any collector’s stash, you can’t go wrong with them. They’re super versatile, come in a wide range of colorways, and you’re sure to find a silhouette that suits your style. Even better, many Air Max models are much more affordable than other shoes you’ll see for sale.

Know where to buy sneakers

Whether you’re looking for retro Jordan 11s or an old-school pair of Vans, another important part of your sneaker collecting journey is finding the best places to buy them. The first place to look?

In line. Trust us, from official sneaker company websites to marketplaces like eBay and even social media sites like Facebook Marketplace, the web is the place to go, especially if you want to add a specific pair of shoes to your collection. .

spot the fakes

If you’re going to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a pair of sneakers, you need to guarantee they’re authentic. Unfortunately, the counterfeit fashion industry is thriving! Spotting the real sneakers from the fakes is getting harder every year.

When trying to authenticate your sneakers, try to look at the quality of the materials, the stitching, the box tags, and the size tags inside the sneakers. From obvious quality issues to incorrect font size, there are definitely ways to separate real sneakers from fakes.

Start collecting sneakers the right way

Over the past 30-40 years, sneaker collecting has grown from a small subculture to a thriving global industry! People all over the world are now spending their hard earned cash on getting the latest and greatest pair of shoes.

Do you plan to do the same? Well, we hope this practice information helps you succeed. Keep them in mind and you’ll soon be stocking your wardrobe with high-quality kicks.

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