Mumbai: Akasa Air, which is expected to start operations by the end of this month, has unveiled its crew uniform.

The uniform includes orange jackets, black pants and sneakers mixing the two colors.

Akasa Air said in a press release on Monday that the uniform reflected his “friendly and cheerful personality”.

“Akasa Air is India’s first airline to introduce customized comfortable pants, jackets and sneakers for its flight crew. The uniform is inspired by the company’s core beliefs of employee centricity and sustainability,” the statement added.

“Our crew uniforms are made from recycled polyester fabric made from pet bottle plastics recovered from marine waste,” Akasa Air said.

Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor liked the sneakers in the crew look.

“Reminds me of the relaxed jeans and kurtis weekend uniform we introduced at SpiceJet in 2014. Casual and fun works well for LCC (Low Cost Carriers). A good Indian LCC will have it now,” he said.

The low-cost airline, backed by billionaire businessman, stock trader and investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, is awaiting air operator’s license.

Akasa Air received a no-objection certificate from the Ministry of Civil Aviation last August for the start of flights.

The airline acquired its first aircraft, a Boeing 737 MAX, on June 21.

It has ordered 72 Boeing 737 MAXs for its fleet, with 18 expected to be delivered by March 2023.