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Decathlon launches NFT sneakers for street football fans

Waves were made in the NFT space today with the release of Decathlon’s first NFT collection, Kipsta Barrio. In partnership with soccer world champion Sean Garnier, the Kipsta collection offers 2,008 new editions of sneakers specially designed by Garnier, which pay homage to his remarkable career.

With 2,008 editions, the range of collections pays tribute to the year in which Sean Garnier won his world championship in Brazil.
Credit: Decathlon

Decathlon’s NFT trainers

Each shoe, with its own NFT counterpart in the form of a “Golden Ticket”, grants the holder access to luxury football experiences with the world champion. As the star of freestyle football, Garnier seeks to better equip its football aficionados with top-notch football boots without sacrificing style.

“For Decathlon, the Kipsta Barrio project is the first step into the world of Blockchain and NFT. We therefore wanted to surround ourselves with partners who are references in their universe. We hope that this collaboration with Séan Garnier will attract many others and we can’t wait for the public to adopt this new pair” – Valentin Auvinet, NFT leader at Decathlon.

Decathlon joins a list of some of the most recognizable sports brands and organizations using Tezo’s green blockchain solutions to build their vision without leaving a significant footprint. Additionally, Formula 1 racing teams such as McLaren and Redbull are turning to Tezos to boost fan engagement. As we move forward, Decathlon hopes to harness the power of Tezos as they push their debut collection to the masses in hopes of gaining traction.

“Decathlon has been recognized for years for its innovation. We are happy to see that they are rolling out their first NFT on Tezos. And who better than world freestyle football champion Séan Garnier to symbolize this project! – Hadrien Zerah, CEO of Nomadic Labs.

What is Decathlon

As a leader in sports and marketing, Decathlon hosts more than 1,700 points of sale worldwide. In addition to its 105,000 employees, Decathlon’s reputation has surpassed itself since its creation in 1976. While striving to go further, Decathlon pushes towards a common goal that shows everyone that they belong in the industry. from Web3.

“Innovate in all areas.”

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