WICOMICO CO., Md. – If you’re looking to have fun tomorrow, walk Wicomico and the Wicomico County Health Department makes it possible.

The organizations are hosting Step Into Summer which is a 1 mile walk tomorrow at Fruitland Recreational Park at 12 p.m. Officials tell 47 ABC that walking has many benefits, including reducing health problems such as type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease, and helps support mental health by improving your mood and by reducing anxiety. Tammy Griffin of the Wicomico County Health Department says walking is best with friends, so be sure to lace up those sneakers.

“Our goal is really to start bringing the communities of Wicomico together, to get up and out, get moving and try to get people more active,” says Tammy Griffin, director of prevention and health communications at the Wicomico County Health. Department.

Refreshments, healthy snacks and water will be provided.

In August, they launch the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, it’s a one-year commitment. The program will focus on physical and mental health as well as nutrition to create a happier and healthier lifestyle. Registration for this event and tomorrow’s walk is on their website.

“We meet people where they are, and we work with them, just to encourage them to get up and get going and do what we can to stay active,” says Griffin.