After retiring from many years working in the Western Hockey League with the Lethbridge Hurricanes and Red Deer Rebels, Beverly Krausher decided it was time to start her own business.

At the time, there wasn’t a huge selection of fashionable and special occasion shoes in Red Deer. As a result, many women traveled to Calgary or Edmonton to buy their shoes. Beverly thought the city was big enough to warrant this type of store, so she decided to start her own. This is when Great Strides Fine Shoes was born.

At first, Great Stride Fine Shoes focused more on used shoes, but over the years they were able to offer a wider variety, including podiatrist-recommended shoes. One thing that has never changed is their commitment to comfort in all categories.

“I don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, but I don’t wear boring shoes either,” Beverly says.

Great Strides Fine Shoes also carries many European brands where comfort and style always go hand in hand.

Great Strides Fine Shoes continues its commitment to bringing quality footwear brands to central Alberta. There is a clear need for specialty stores where customers are served by knowledgeable staff members. One of the slogans Great Strides Fine Shoes likes to use is “If the shoe fits you, you probably didn’t buy it online”, as sit-and-fit stores like Great Strides Fine Shoes continue to be relevant. .

To celebrate 20 years in business, Great Strides Fine Shoes is giving the community a chance to win free shoes for a year! Everyone is welcome to participate and no purchase is necessary to participate. They request a minimum contribution of $5 to the charity of their choice, which will be Dress For Success.

The lucky winner will receive a gift certificate worth up to $150 per month for 12 months. There will also be subsidiary prizes!

Great Strides Fine Shoes loves to hear their customers’ shoe stories. Customers have returned to the store explaining that they have been stopped on the streets of Paris, London, New York, Montreal and so many other cities to be interrogated about where they get their shoes.

The customer loyalty they have experienced has been phenomenal. They have customers who bought them their high school graduation shoes and then came back for their wedding shoes. One of their customers was invited to an event Queen Elizabeth was honored at in Alberta in 2005. The Queen commented on her shoes, so of course she was thrilled to share the news with the store. Beverly told that same story to the shoe company that made them, and they used it in their shopping market presentation for years.

The store has regular customers from Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Great Strides Fine Shoes was born so women in Red Deer wouldn’t have to travel to buy good shoes, but now women from those towns are now coming to Red Deer!