The RW to go: With a new, lighter midsole and a sportier aesthetic, the limited-edition Mach Supersonic combines the best of Mach 4 and Mach 5.

  • Responsive Profly+ foam provides adequate cushioning
  • Early stage metarocker encourages a smooth ride
  • Hoka dresses the breathable mesh upper with a heel tab

    Type: Road
    Lester: 8.3 ounces (M), 6.9 ounces (W)
    5 millimeters

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    When you pull out a shoe that’s been a huge hit with runners (and won a The runner’s world Equipment of the Year Award), the obvious next step is to go sonic or supersonic. This offshoot of the iconic Mach 4 is all about picking up the pace.

    The new Profly+ midsole is the Mach Supersonic’s special sauce; it offers a generous cushioning bed and provides a propulsive ride. The shoe is about the same weight as the Mach 4. Side-by-side, however, the Supersonic looks downright sportier. The breathable jacquard upper ventilates your foot, and the contoured heel collar and padded tongue lock your foot in.

    A minor complaint we had with the Mach 4 was the need for an actual heel tab to make it easier. The Supersonic has the same streamlined fit, but a sizable tab across the entire heel makes it easier to slide into the shoe. Another major improvement is the length of the lace; the Mach 4’s switchbacks were comically long, causing some testers to triple or replace them.

    A heel tab makes it easy to clip the shoes on a carabiner for travel.

    Trevor Raab

    The shoe runs large lengthwise, you may want to size down. Still, testers who raced in the Mach 4 were not disappointed with its successor.

    “The Supersonic is the crème de la crème of road shoes,” said one. “This shoe is for all races. For the first time ever, I can’t suggest anything, however insignificant or minor, that I don’t like about this shoe.

    High praise for the forerunner of the Mach 5 (now available), although I admit it, I would have liked a bit more foam in the midsole. Still, if the Mach 4 and Rincon 3 had a child, it would be this super-powered explosive speedster.

    The rubberized EVA outsole provides sufficient grip.

    Trevor Raab

    More tester comments

    Alex P | Tester since 2021
    Arch: medium | Gait: neutral | Kick: Midfoot

    “Overall, I enjoyed these shoes! They grew on me the more I wore them. At first, I was surprised by how firm and flat they were. I had a preconception that the Hokas were bulky and squishy – it was neither. It was a nice change of pace from the daily training I’m used to. I tested the Mach Supersonic as a daily trainer, training shoe. training and long running shoe My paces ranged from 5:00/mile to 7:00/mile My long runs went well but I was starting to feel my knees and feet towards the end probably due to firmness and stiffness neutral nature of the shoes. When I trained in them, I had no trouble turning my legs to descend at 5:00/mile. However, the longer the workout and the higher the reps, the more my body felt tired.These shoes suited me better as a daily trainer for just running around. laugh the kilometers every day, without crushing the rhythm.

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