Idina Menzel admits she finally shares a shoe size with her son, Walker, 12, and the absolute thrill she gets from his vast collection of sneakers at her disposal.

However, her son doesn’t share the thrill at all, and he certainly wasn’t thrilled when he noticed she was wearing a pair of his signature shoes without asking first.

The Broadway star, 50, sat down with PEOPLE yesterday and she shared the hilarious story saying “I stole her [shoes]. The other day, I was too lazy to go up the stairs to get my own shoes, and I was running to pick him up from school, so I put on a pair of his Yeezys.”

However, Walker quickly noticed her feet when she arrived at the rideshare pick-up, and he responded with a “death stare” and was “so worried I wasn’t going to take care of them properly.” infamous kicks.

But Idina can’t help it. He’s “so much more fashionable than me,” she explained.

It’s clear that there will be conversations about boundaries in the near future, isn’t it, Walker?

Menzel seems like a full-fledged basketball mom at this point — she recently posted a video of her and Walker on the court working out some awesome moves together. And she took her whole team to see Bad last month – although no one on the team seemed to know she was, in her words, “the green girl”.

Idina and Walker’s father, actor Taye Diggs, met in 1995 during the theater production of Lease, and married in 2003. They were together for eleven years and share their only son together.

Although they ended things romantically, the two still managed to co-parent, as Diggs shared in a WE interview in 2020, “We have a very easy period, I think. We never take a wrong step because we always think of Walker first. We both love Walker and want the best for him. I think once you’ve done that it makes things a little easier.

Menzel has since married her partner, Aaron Lohr, and they have been together since 2017.