Having the right shoes when riding your motorcycle is important not only to protect you in the event of an accident or a fall, but also to keep you nice and comfortable so you can spend longer hours on the bike. Thanks to stronger and lighter materials, motorcycle-specific shoes are now available in all sorts of styles and designs, with manufacturers becoming more adventurous when it comes to styling.

This is the case with these new motorcycle-approved sneakers from the young Italian equipment manufacturer Eleveit. Along with a selection of shoes for sport and off-road riders, Eleveit also caters to the urban crowd, as well as people who intend to ride their motorcycles and scooters for daily commuting with the hybrid sneakers. Eleveit’s hybrid sneakers blur the line between fashion sneakers and motorcycle safety gear in terms of style.

With a knitted synthetic textile exterior, the Eleveit Hybrid sneakers exude the same aesthetic as mainstream fashion brands when it comes to urban streetwear. Besides its chic style, the woven fabric makes it a light and breathable shoe, perfect to keep you nice and comfortable, especially in the urban jungle. Considering all of this, it can be very easy to think that security and protection have taken precedence here.

This is certainly not the case with the new sneakers from Eleveit, as we can find several reinforcements, especially on the heel and toe, providing vital support in injury-prone areas. The woven fabric that makes up the majority of the sneaker is also made from abrasion resistant textiles. A Velcro strap that secures the fluorescent laces keeps them from getting caught in your bike’s controls, while a chunky rubber sole provides solid grip and feel for the ground as well as the bike’s controls. All of these safety features give the Eleveit Hybrid sneakers a CE safety rating.

When it comes to colors and availability, Eleveit offers the Hybrid sneakers in just one color: black with fluorescent details. Its understated styling makes it applicable to all kinds of riders, whether casual scooteristas or sporty naked riders around town. The sizes range from 36 to 48, and it sells for 169.90 euros, or around US$184. Note that prices may vary depending on where in the world you are shipping.