Fourth-generation hitmakers Itzy are back this summer with their latest single, “Sneakers.” He leads the band’s EP Checkmate and comes about 10 months after the release of their album, Crazy in Love.

Written and produced by Didrik Thott, Jessica Pierpoint, Sebastian Thott, Friday and Ogi (Galactika), “Sneakers” stays true to Itzy’s philosophy as the band members sing to follow their hearts, regardless of what others have. to say, “Told ya, I don’t give a damn / I go where I want / I don’t need orders, I don’t need guidance / I’m on my way, I’m on my way up.

Crazy and inspiring, members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna position the sneakers as a metaphorical device. Saying they’d rather not be bound by the archaic ideologies that often equate femininity with “perfect” elegance, Itzy’s “Sneakers” undoubtedly serve as another chapter in the group’s growing discography, which shares stories of life without strength. – mounted in a mould. Sonically, the track’s overall electro-pop soundscape doesn’t deviate drastically from the band’s established sonic identity, but the introduction of funk-pop elements is a pleasant surprise, making “Sneakers” l unmissable anthem of the summer.

The music video sees the members doing various jobs, from running a monarchy to running a space control station. Whatever the task at hand, members drive the project through to completion. And in true Itzy fashion, the clip ends with the group strutting around in their signature “crown” pose.

According to JYP Entertainment, as of July 14, Checkmate had racked up a total of 720,665 stock pre-orders, making it Itzy’s personal best. The EP is also the fourth girl group album in history to surpass 700,000 pre-orders, joining Aespa in the process. Girls, BlackPink’s The Scrapbook and Love Formula: O+T= by other colleagues from the Twice label.

Accompanied by additional tracks titled “Racer”, “What I Want”, “Free Fall”, “365”, “Domino” and an English version of the title track, Checkmate will be promoted on the band’s upcoming world tour later this year.