According to the brand, what makes a Kuru shoe so comfortable and pain-relieving? It comes down to the sole. The sole of a shoe is the inner part that supports the foot, whether during movement or when stationary. This part of the shoe is in direct contact with the support surface of the foot. The “Kurusole” claims to “amplify nature” rather than “spoil it”, creating a sole design that cradles the foot and protects the foot pad of the heel, which can often be the culprit of many people’s pain, while allowing a natural movement. occur across the arc.

The patented Kurusole works dynamically to flex and redirect impact forces from the ground. Ground forces through the unsupported foot can often lead to increased pain. However, excessive control of the foot by including design elements that restrict the natural movement of the foot and toes can lead to intrinsic foot weakness that is often more responsible for foot pain than the shoes themselves. Eliminating pain by making shoes more comfortable is one thing, but it’s also important to consider what led to the onset of that pain in the first place.

Unfortunately, managing plantar fasciitis isn’t always as simple as changing shoes. Plantar fasciitis is a condition characterized by inflammation and pain in the heel and/or base of the foot. Multiple risk factors can contribute to the development of plantar fasciitis, including an abnormal walking pattern, flat or very high arches, pregnancy, and weight, but it often results from sustained lifestyle positions or activities. , career and exercise choice.

The body is a dynamic chain of parts, each of which, when weak or misaligned, can contribute to increased forces and pressure that lead to pain at these points. A tight Achilles tendon, for example, can contribute to limited ankle dorsiflexion (the ability of the ankle to angle the toes upward toward the knee), which affects the biomechanics of the foot during walking and can lead to increased stress on the foot and heel. With that in mind, it is possible to minimize foot pain with shoes, but the cause of this pain should be addressed by a medical professional.