A must-have sneaker

Finding a comfortable pair of sneakers seems like a never-ending quest. Until now. I find the Arc Racer shoes from Mumbai-based Elevar Sports to be perfect for me. The Arc Racer uses a padding material called eTPU. It also features an innovative 3D “Aeroknit” upper, giving it a comfortable and flexible feel. The eTPU not only provides a lightweight running experience, but also good shock absorption. The shoes have a double buckle lace mechanism as well as a foam protection lock inside and a heel counter which provide more protection for your ankle and heel. All in all, the Arc Racer is a stylish, comfortable and versatile sneaker whether it’s for a short run or a casual night out. It comes in five colors: My pick is Carbon Black. The Arc Racers for women are available in four colors. The shoes cost Rs. 6,490 but the company often offers discounted deals. —Nitin Sreedhar

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The Viognier from the Australian winery Yalumba.

A refreshing viognier

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after drinking a lot of wine, it’s this: warmer climates produce sweeter, fruitier wines than colder ones. On a humid day in June, I discovered a luscious white wine made with Viognier grapes from Australian winery Yalumba. It is grown in the country’s hot Barossa Valley; naturally, it produces fruity wines. With hints of apricot and muskmelon and distinct aromas of orange blossom, Viognier has a refreshing mouthfeel. Some would say it has elderflower notes, but I haven’t seen or tasted it and wouldn’t know. Despite my limited exposure, the bottles that grab my attention as I navigate the bewildering world of wines are the ones I really appreciate and instinctively think to share. Yalumba’s Y Series Viognier ticks both boxes. Pour yourself a drink while listening to a song by Mark Knopfler. —Jahnabee Borah

The album cover for Dressed, the podcast.

The album cover for Dressed, the podcast.

High Tales

Hosted by fashion historians April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary, Dressed: The History Of Fashion explores the history of the clothes we wear. While the podcast covers a range of topics, listen to the July 21 episode about Valentina Schlee, a leading seamstress and theater costume designer from 1928 to the 1950s. Born in Kyiv, she arrived in New York in 1923, fleeing the bolshevik revolution. Much of her was shrouded in mystery – it seems she deliberately liked to mislead. She has modeled her own clothes and draped celebrities like Greta Garbo, Lillian Gish and Katharine Hepburn. His creations were minimalist, structured and made to measure. She said, “Adapt the century, forget the year.” His close friendship and eventual falling out with Greta Garbo is another story. —Nipa Charagi

Glitzy tags for your pets, from Furvanity.

Glitzy tags for your pets, from Furvanity.

pet sewing

It all started with a friend who called me to tell me what she was going to give me for my birthday: glitter tags for my cats. One of the beacons is deep red and the other a bright pink; both are heart-shaped, sprinkled with funky glitter. That’s how I found out about Furvanity, an Instagram store offering personalized clothes and accessories for your pet. Think bandanas, kurtas, tuxedos, bows, tags and shirts. But while I’m personally not a fan of pet clothing, the tags are simply gorgeous: blingy, loaded with glitter, customizable in different colors and shapes, including bones and hearts, and emblazoned with your pet’s name and your phone number. To order, you must contact DM Furvanity on their Instagram account, @furvanity. And yes, it’s worth stopping by just to window shop – the page is filled with some of the best models of all time. —Preeti Zachariah

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