As The Kit’s shopping editor, I see lots of new items every week. I try or test them all. But every once in a while, a new fashion or lifestyle product crosses my path that I can’t help but rave about on DMs with my friends or at home with my family. I think it’s fair to share my thoughts with you as well. Here is the new section of The Kit: my favorite purchases of the moment.

Everlane’s eco-friendly jeans

Shopping editor Renée Tse in her Everlane jeans from the LA Denim capsule collection

After hearing so many people rave about Everlane’s denim collection, I bought my first straight jeans last year and have been my favorite ever since. I got so many compliments and friends asking me where they are from. They sit high on my waist and hug my hips, but offer a little room in my thighs for that straight, vintage silhouette I’m looking for. I still feel so good in them. So when I heard the brand was launching a capsule of eco-friendly, locally-made jeans from their home in Los Angeles, I was eager to hear more.

editor's choice everlane eco-friendly straight leg jeans
90s Everlane The Local jeans, $256, Photo: Everlane

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I learned that denim is one of the least environmentally friendly garments to make, due to the amount of water, energy and chemicals used in the process, so Everlane teamed up with Saitex (apparently “world’s cleanest denim factory”) to create a limited-edition capsule of its best-selling styles, from Cheeky ’90s straight jeans (pictured above) to Way-High denim shorts. The fit and feel of the jeans is like the much loved pair in my closet, but this one has the brand name printed on the waistband which I think adds something special. These are limited editions (and are selling out fast online), but hopefully they’ll be here to stay.

The latest Lululemon sneakers

editor's pick lululemon sneakers
Lululemon Chargefeel mid-top workout sneakers, $198, Photo: Lululemon

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When Lululemon launched their sneaker collection earlier this spring everyone went wild – I’ve never had so many friends DM me for my real thoughts. I thought its sneakers couldn’t get any better (and more stylish) than Blissfeel, but the Vancouver sportswear brand went to prove me wrong. Let me introduce you to his new sneaker: Chargefeel. It’s designed for training, whether that’s running on the sidewalk or working out in the gym (and obviously everything in between). I took them out for my daily morning and evening walks, and felt like I could walk forever – every step has a bounce, thanks to the dual-density foam midsole. I also took them to the gym to do light leg workouts, mostly squats and calf raises. With the mid-ankle design, it’s like putting on a pair of socks, but they still allow my feet to feel supported and stabilized. The cut also makes me feel like I have longer, leaner legs, which is a nice bonus. Available in high and low top styles, the trainers come in seven colors including white, black, highlighter green and dusty pink above.

Phone Strap String Ting’s It girl

editor's choice string ting bracelet phone strap
String Ting Bracelet Phone Strap, $57, Photo: String Ting

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The last time I accessorized my phone was in high school (read: over a decade ago). I had a fuzzy pink pom pom hanging from the side of my silver flip phone that helped me pull my phone out of my purse. Today, nostalgic phone wristbands are coming back into our lives, thanks to UK-based tech accessories brand String Ting. Toronto-raised Rachel Steed-Middleton started out as a unique fundraising opportunity — she and her kids made DIYs of it to raise money for frontline workers during the first wave of the pandemic. Now celebrities like Gigi Hadid, BlackPink’s Lisa, Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa are rocking theirs in their selfies.

Handcrafted with Austrian crystals, Japanese miyuki seeds, Czech glass and upcycled vintage beads, these colorful accessories are my new summer joy. And ever since I’ve gone back to the flip phone, even though it’s a high-tech Samsung, it seems like I’m stepping back in time to my carefree 00s. I can just slip it over my wrist and have my hands free. The brand has also just arrived at Holt Renfrew, online or in person. If you’re looking for a cute back-to-school gift or to add some fun to your gadgetry, these might just do the trick.

Google’s new wireless headphones

editor's choice google pixel buds pro
Google Pixel Buds Pro, $260, Photo: Google

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The tech giant is stepping up its game in the wireless headphones department with its latest Pixel Buds Pro. I’ve tested my fair share of headphones, so I was eager to see how they compare to those already on the market. First of all, they were very easy to set up. Like, super easy. I have an Android smartphone, and it immediately picked up when I opened them over Bluetooth and prompted me to download the Pixel Buds app. In less than two minutes, I was ready.

I’m also obsessed with the ergonomic egg-shaped case that reminds me of one of my favorite hand creams from Chanel. It fits so well in the palm of my hand and takes up very little space in my bag. The ear cups are also matte, so they don’t slip when I adjust the fit. The flat touchpad on both earbuds makes it easy to tap, control volume, and skip tracks. These new Pro headphones now have active noise cancellation, which means they can block out noise (but not completely; I could still hear my family calling me for dinner). But with just a tap, I can easily turn on Transparency mode so I’m aware of my surroundings when listening to a podcast while walking around town. And I can just call “Hey Google” to activate its voice assistant to control my phone, like any of my smart home devices. So there is no confusion with other smart device names (just me?).

Zwilling milk frother

zwilling milk frother
Zwilling Dernierigy milk frother, $230, Photo: Zwilling

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Although I don’t have a fancy espresso machine like some of my friends (my Nespresso pod machine is enough), I don’t skimp on the latte part of the experience, so I invested in a separate machine (oats ) milk frother. What I like is that I can just turn it on and leave the room without having to stand there with a whisk or risk being burned by the hot steam. Zwilling’s Afinigy Milk Frother is minimalist in design and looks stylish on my counter, even if it’s a little chunky. It is particularly easy to use: just pour in the milk, select the desired setting for hot or cold drinks and you’re done! Creamy microbubble foam for my hot *and* cold caffeinated beverages. If a cup of hot chocolate comes to mind after dinner, I simply switch the whisk for the stirring attachment and place it directly in the reservoir – you just need to pour the powder with the milk. It’s also simple to clean thanks to its removable stainless steel tank, so you don’t have to worry about washing down the heat-insulated base station.

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