I’ve been waiting to see this new A24 animated movie for months. I had completely forgotten about Marcel’s hilarious shorts on YouTube until I saw the trailer. Well, if you enjoyed these creative little videos from Jenny Slate, you’re really going to love this feature. What makes this work is humor, heart, animation and voice talent. There is so much joy in all of this and that joy is the result of lots of laughter and genuine sweetness. I hope this film does well and finds a large audience.

The first thing you notice is the unique and striking animation style used. I love the design and look of Marcel and the other shells. There is reality in the look and they are all so adorable. I especially liked the look of Grandma’s shell, it’s just very creative. The cinematography has been handled very well here. The whole film has a nice clean look. I mean it’s A24, so I expect no less!

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Another plus point here is the overall script. The script includes so much fresh humor and genuine emotion. Everyone at my screening, myself included, laughed frequently. There’s a great dry sense of humor that it engages in, and it works. If you’re familiar with YouTube shorts, you have an idea what kind of humor I mean.

Besides tickling your funny bone, it will also choke you up a bit. It may be hard to believe that this movie could have that effect, but it’s true.

The character of Marcel and his Nana are so well drawn, and the script makes you fall in love with them. The movie couldn’t work without their charm. When they face challenges or sad things, it’s really moving. There’s a purity and innocence to these little animated characters and that adds to the emotion. Dean Fleischer-Camp plays the man who moves into the house where they live and begins filming Marcel. He’s a great addition and the bond they form is another lovely ingredient.

Of course, he’s just one of the talented cast members. The real stars here are the two protagonists voicing Marcel and his Nana. The very specific voice that Jenny Slate came up with for this character fits so well. It has a charm and makes humorous lines so much more effective.

And then the great Isabella Rossellini is the voice of Marcel’s grandmother. Rossellini fits very well into the mold of this sweet role and is a delightful addition. Leslie Stahl also offers a nice little cameo. The voice talent and cast are a major factor in why it’s a hit. To be honest, different people in these roles could have been completely let down.

Another positive detail I want to mention is the different ways Marcel moves around the house. I found the inventive ways he survives and does very creative things and that’s another source of comedy.

There is really only one downside to Marcel the shod shell and is that the story of the film could have been fleshed out. I liked the simple story they presented, but in the end I felt like they could have stretched it more. What I saw was so good and I wanted more. But hey, a minor inconvenience in a sea of ​​advantages is not bad at all!

Marcel the shod shell is a charming film that is sure to leave you enjoying a rich laugh one moment, then emotion the next. The story could have used some expansion, but what they provided us with is certainly a treat worth savoring.

marcel the shell with shoes

“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” is charming, hilarious and moving

Marcel the shod shell

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is a film full of charm, rich humor and sincere heart.

Striking animation

Rich humor and sincere heart

Talented Cast

The story could have used an extension

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