Bulls legend Michael Jordan once attended Chris Paul’s summer camp and sent all the disappointed kids home

When we think of the greatest basketball player of all time, only two or three names are commonly debated. One of them is LeBron James, and the most favored candidate is Michael Jordan. MJ was drafted in 1984 and established himself as one of the game’s greatest in a very short time.

Watching Michael Jordan and hearing about his teammates and opponents, we’ve heard tons of stories about his competitiveness. This competitive spirit has helped MJ rise to the top of the league. He used the idea of ​​being No. 2 as fuel and worked hard to stay on top of the hill.

However, with strong dynamism, sometimes it becomes difficult to extinguish competitiveness. His own children recounted how MJ bullied them during games and recalled stories from their childhood.

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Michael Jordan played like it was Game 7 to deny kids free sneakers

In 2016, MJ hosted his annual Flight School basketball camp. Chris Paul usually showed up and helped campers, and this year was no different. However, this time, to make things interesting, CP3 challenged MJ in front of the campers.

Jordan had to land 4 or more shots out of 6 shots. If he missed 3 shots, he bought every kid in camp a new pair of Jordans.

MJ took on this challenge personally and turned his competitive side.

After taking five easy shots, CP3 tried to make it difficult for the Bulls legend. He tried to block Jordan’s view by putting a hand in front of his eyes. Mike whistled the free throw anyway.

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Michael Jordan was 53 when it happened, and the fact that he shows up and knocks down every single punch, with thousands of dollars on the line, shows just how awesome the Black Jesus truly is.