Neeman’s, a brand emerging as the pioneer of sustainable shoes in India, announced the launch of its new range of sneakers made from TENCEL Lyocell fibers, derived from natural raw materials such as eucalyptus. The wood for the TENCEL fiber comes from sustainably managed forests that are FSC and PEFC certified.

Tree sneakers are dedicated to endless hours on the wearer’s feet to keep them comfortable for their daily routine. Highly durable sneakers infuse elevated style live with classic silhouette designs and highly moisture-wicking fabric. The extremely lightweight and flexible shoes infuse a soft feel on the skin, leaving its wearer feeling comfortable and cared for. In addition, thanks to its properties, the shoe regulates the absorption and release of moisture effortlessly.

Taran Chhabra, Founder and CEO of Neeman’s, said:With more than 150 million trees felled each year for the production of cellulosic fabrics, we are witnessing an 80% depletion of our old-growth forests. It was time to augur positive actions in favor of sustainable production and manufacturing. This was the premise of our new line of sneakers and the reason we went through an arduous research process into how we can help protect our biodiversity.

Amar Preet Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Neeman’s adds:Made from plant-based wood fibers, the Tree sneakers offer ultimate comfort and style. TENCEL Lyocell fibers derived from sustainably grown trees have tremendous benefits. Form and function bring the perfect blend of fashion, comfort and care not only for customers but also for our planet. This is a much larger initiative to tackle climate change and will hopefully motivate individuals and businesses to get involved and do their part.

Neeman’s new collection continues its promise of “Change the standard”. The fabric used in the manufacture of the shoes contains fibres, which are derived from the natural raw material wood from sustainably managed sources. The fiber wood, which includes eucalyptus trees, is sourced from regions that ensure no ancient or endangered sources are used and harm biodiversity.

The fiber is then produced using an award-winning closed-loop production process, which reuses nearly 100% of the solvents needed for processing. This feeds into a final fabric that is ideal for footwear applications. The Tree Sneakers come in striking packaging with plantable paper flyers and a product description tag that gives customers the thought process behind the product/material.

With the launch of the new range, Neeman’s has also embarked on a planting initiative where trees will be planted and nurtured until they become self-sufficient. This project begins in Maharashtra and the brand will continue to identify areas that need a green revolution and go where their sustainable footwear takes them!