A pair of shoes is not only for fashion but also a utilitarian accessory.

We are all looking for a pair of shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear. Also, the lighter they are, the better. In addition to being a fashion accessory, women’s shoes are also a utilitarian object. Nowadays, even in summer, people prefer to wear a pair of stylish shoes to complement their casual look because they look chic and stylish. It doesn’t matter if you have a shoe collection with you, because adding new pairs is always fun. If you go for a run or a walk, the introduction of new pairs also serves as motivation to perform better. There are many options available online. Pre-selecting a sea of ​​them can be a confusing and tiring task on the eyes. Therefore, we have selected a few for you in our list below.

The women’s shoes listed are available in color options and all come with laces. They come with the promise of durability and also look stylish. Shoe care is also easy and less time-consuming. They all look sporty and we’re sure you’ll love them. So it’s time to update your shoe collection now. Scroll through our list below and take your pick.

Women’s shoe prices at a glance:

Women’s shoes Price
Puma Running Shoe 1,566.00 – 3,999.00
Adidas Running Shoes 1,405.00 – 2,499.00
Zoom Hot Punch Shoes 2,999.00
Sparx Running Shoes 924.00 – 1,099.00
Red stripe walking shoe 1,649.00 – 5,199.00

Puma Running Shoe

This pair of women’s running shoes from Puma looks stylish and offers optimal comfort while running. Its sole is made of rubber and its shoe width is medium. Available in two vibrant colors, it will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Caring for these shoes is easy, all you need is a dry cloth to wipe off the dust. In addition, it comes with laces.

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Puma Harper WN’s IDP Running Shoes Black-Peachskin-6 Kids Australia (38139103)


1,689 rupees

3,999 rupees

Adidas Running Shoes

This pair of running shoes for women is made of synthetic material. It has a round toe style and comes with laces. The width of the shoe is medium and it also comes in two great colors, both of which have a dynamic look and a sporty feel. You will experience maximum comfort while running in this pair of shoes. It also comes with a 90 day warranty.

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Adidas Women’s Glarus W METGRY/SIGCOR Running Shoes-7 EU (CM4984)


1,408 rupees

2,499 rupees

Zoom Pegasus Hot Punch Shoes

This pair of sports shoes has a faux leather sole. It comes with laces and has a medium shoe width. Their cushioning inside these shoes is what makes this pair extremely comfortable to walk on. The striking wolf gray color of this pair is flattering and is likely to pair well with any outfit. A sleek and stylish pair of shoes, it’s best to amp up your style statement.

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Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Wolf Gray Hot Punch Shoes for Men and Women (Numeric_8_Point_5)


2,999 rupees

6,999 rupees

Sparx Running Shoes

This pair of women’s running shoes has a thermoplastic elastomer sole. It has a regular shoe width. The upper material is made of high quality mesh fabric and the sole is made of elastomeric polymer and thermoplastic rubber. A durable pair of shoes, it ranks high on quality and style. It comes with laces and is available in a multitude of colors. You will feel absolutely comfortable and comfortable in this pair of shoes.

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Sparx SL-167 Womens Running Shoes Black Light Pink-6 Kids Australia (SX0167LBKLP0006)


999 rupees

1,099 rupees

Red stripe walking shoe

The sole of this pair of walking shoes is made of ethylene vinyl acetate material. It has a medium shoe width and comes with laces. Available in a multitude of color options, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Caring for these shoes is easy as you need a dry cloth to wipe the dust off. The upper material is made of mesh fabric and PU leather.

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Red Tape Women Walking Shoes White


1,649 rupees

5,499 rupees

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