Colorful and cozy! We got a glimpse of pete davidsonthe newly organized closet, and at first glance you can tell the outfit is very on brand for the SNL star.

Spiff Organizing, a luxury organizing company, released photos from the comedian’s closet, showing their completed work. “We attached the black shelves with black durable storage boxes”, March 31 instagram legend read. “More soon!”

Her clothes hang by black velvet hangers, pairing well with her newly added shelves.

In the images shared, it was learned that Pete, 28, had a plethora of loungewear. the The great adolescence The actor has an entire row dedicated to brightly colored sweatpants, which are a staple in his wardrobe.

During an episode of Netflix is ​​a joke, weird eye stylist, Tan Francedressed him up in raised hoodies, knowing that was Pete’s style.

“I kind of want to see you in a different take on sweatpants,” the stylist told Pete, handing him some gray Bally joggers. “You wear sweatpants all the time.”

The Kardashians star and girlfriend Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she loves hanging out with her beau.

“He’s just super genuine, and it’s just super fun to hang around and do nothing,” the KKW mogul revealed in an April 2022 interview with entertainment tonight. “So watch TV and do nothing.”

Well, lucky for her, Pete has the perfect wardrobe outfit to do just that. Who doesn’t love donning their boyfriend’s sweatshirt and hoodie on a date?

While all of his hanging clothes were loungewear and t-shirts, the producer has a shelf assigned to his folded jeans. The Staten Island native’s classic Louis Vuitton backpack and black backpack are perfectly placed on the shelves for the perfect impromptu packing session.

However, some of the most eye-catching items in her closet are her shoe collection. From New Balances to his custom Phineas T. Phreakears Air Force Ones, sneakers gave the room a retro, classic, and cool vibe.

The official Instagram account of The Monster Brothersthe animated series Pete stars in, called the shoes a “highlight of the closet makeover” in an April 1 Instagram post.

Keep reading to see Pete Davidson’s full closet tour!