Each month, Wild.com will feature a Minnesota Wild player or staff member and their pet(s), presented by PetSmart.

Minnesota Wild video coach Jonas Plumb has an 18-year-old tabby cat, Sneakers, who likes to sleep in strange places and smell flowers.

Brandon Laxson: “So tell me about your pet!”

Jonas Plumb: “It wasn’t my cat at first but when I met my fiancé she had two cats, Simon and Sneakers (Simon has since died). I adopted them because it wasn’t really a dealbreaker for me if she had cats and that’s how Sneakers and I became friends.”

BL: “What kind of cat is Sneakers?”

JP: “He’s just a regular tabby cat. He had a brother named Socks, so it was socks and sneakers. She got them from a rescue in Naperville, Illinois.”

BL: “How is your pet? Are there any weird personality traits?”

JP: “He’s 18, so he’s tall and tall. He’s just a big, old tabby cat. He’s still pretty lively for his age, but he sleeps a lot. He often sleeps with his face against the wall, like Garfield. He also likes to sleep at the top of the stairs down to the basement with his face against the wall, and we don’t know why he does this, as it makes for a tricky first step. You’ll have to get to step two a big part of when, if you’re not careful, you could be at the bottom of the stairs.”

BL: “Is it an indoor cat or an outdoor cat?”

JP: “He’s always been an indoor cat. However, he likes to spend time outside. So in the morning, if I have time, I’ll grab a coffee and take him out and we’ll walk around. home and he’ll smell the flowers and sometimes he’ll chase the chipmunks.”

BL: “Has he ever tried to run away?”

JP: “He never runs away. He’ll walk away if you’re not careful, but he never runs away, so he’s pretty good that way. He walks around, smells the flowers, sits in the flowers and scratches the bushes and does what he wants.”

BL: “It feels like it’s the world of Sneakers and we just live in it.”

JP: “He’s kind of fun, he’s just sweet enough. The other good thing about him is that he’s a cat, so he’s a bit more independent than dogs, you know. You can go away for a few days , just make sure there is dry food and water available and they just take care of themselves they are not like dogs where you can barely be away for two hours without let them roll back their eyelids. We’re not too worried about him.

BL: “Did you have pets growing up? »

JP: “When I was born I had a cat called Tiger. He looked exactly like Sneakers because he was a big tabby cat. There’s a funny picture of me when I was about a year old, and Tiger is twice my size.”