To the delight of Ramen fans in Japan, the famous brand Reebok has teamed up with the famous Japanese streetwear and sneaker shop Atmos to launch a special model of its Classic Leather shoes. For limited-edition stock, Reebok will be making its shoes that take inspiration from the classic Baby Star Ramen noodle packaging, that is, adding a hint of red and yellow to the white shoes. The shoes have a chic and fun look and come with thoughtful design and color details.

Baby Star Ramen is an old brand established since 1959 and is a favorite of the masses in Japan. The official Atmos Instagram handle announced the collaboration with Reebok four days ago and highlighted the features of the unique pair of shoes. The Classic Leather model from Reebok is known for its high functionality and as a fashion item, which can be used for casual wear.

The rear part of the shoe has the brand mascots Hoshio-kun and Bay-chan printed on either side of the heel. A stripe running across the outer side of the shoe contains the printed image of Ramen noodles, and the insole is fully printed with Ramen, giving the impression that it is filled with noodles. The rear end of the insole, visible from above, evokes the triple collaboration between Atmos, Baby Star Ramen and Reebok.

Interestingly, earlier where Reebok was written in the Classic Leather model, now wears Ramen, in the same style that Reebok was printed. The price of a pair of these shoes is approximately between ₹7,700 and ₹7,656.

The outlet promises that the unique concept will be irresistible to sneakerheads and Baby Star Ramen fans.

The shoes will be on sale on the Atmos online store from September 3, 2022, but will only be available in Japan.

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