Before Simone Biles took off into the air, she posed with her family in a mirror selfie. This gymnast smiled in an all-black sportswear ensemble.

Ambassador Athleta wore a black ribbed tank top with a slightly square collar, in tucked-in black ruched track pants. The sweatpants are pulled to the center, fastened as they lay loose.

Simone Biles travels comfortably on May 27, 2022.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Instagram

As she pops her leg, the gathers go all the way down, hemming her ankles, where she wears all-white sneakers with a chunky sole.

She kept it simple, but still very stylish in her accessories, as she wore an Apple Watch around her right wrist with a small silver cuff. On her left wrist she wore a small braided bracelet and on both hands she had a ring. There is a quaint silver necklace tied around her neck with a pendant that draws attention from the frame of her tank top. To top it off, she wears her hair with a black cap covering the top. A golden embroidery was sewn on the right of the hat.

As Biles travels continuously, his style follows the forms of comfort and sport; this outfit really shows off that style. Biles’ sneakers complete the look, as their unique design stands out from many other types of shoes. These sneakers allow maximum comfort while emphasizing the aesthetics of the general look. The architecture of the shoe holds a rounded toe with tie laces. With a bit of the platform that stands out from the joggers, these trainers work great for the essential airport look, but can also be accessorized for other events.

With a total of 32 Olympic medals, Simone Biles is a powerful gymnast. But the world-class athlete received major style points for more than her athletic routines. Biles is a red carpet darling, often embracing feminine and classic pieces. In her gymnastics career, Biles was sponsored by Nike from 2015 to 2021. In 2021, she secured sponsorship with Athleta. Biles also launched a line of gymnastics leotards with GK Elite Sportswear and a line of backpacks and pouches with Caboodles.