Who do you think of when you imagine the woman of your dreams? An icon? A celebrity?

If the answer is someone other than you, we have a problem. You were born to be the woman of your dreams, but as life’s challenges began to pile up, perhaps she began to darken. Stripped of your doubts, fears and insecurities lies the most authentic expression of yourself. She is always there in you and she longs to be embraced – says Alexandra Prince, the founder of The Holistic Closet.

Alexandra is a style architect, image coherency consultant, seasoned wardrobe stylist and international speaker who aims to help women get rid of those pain points in their lives by helping them discover wardrobe. dress that truly expresses their true selves.

She helps women learn how to avoid falling victim to fast fashion trends and societal norms of cookie-cutter style. Instead, we discover your unique style and complement it with an in-depth knowledge of your body shape, features and color palettes for each season.

If I’ve learned anything in my career, says Alexandra, it’s that style is an inside job; no one can or should dictate what you like to wear. With the Inside-Out style method, you will rediscover the woman of your dreams and finally have the confidence and clarity to embrace your true self.

The Inside-Out Style Method by Alexandra Prince

Step One – Get Complete Clarity About Who You Are

Separating your desires from the white noise of ads and social media can be overwhelming. But by getting to the root of it all, with a curated (albeit quite emotional) set of questions and a long conversation, we can understand who you are, deep down inside. With complete clarity about who you are, your values, your beliefs, your characteristics and what you desire for your life, we can open up the opportunity to discover a style that truly reflects you.

Step Two – Detoxify What No Longer Serves You

Do you know what happens to your body during a week-long juice cleanse…? Well, that’s what you need to do for your closet. Your closet is full of things that no longer serve you, or probably never served you, and they need to go. We need to declutter the clothes that don’t represent your dream woman and make sure she has the proper space to shine.

Step Three – Affirm Every Part of Yourself and Reinvent Your Self-Image

If stripping yourself of the old seems difficult, becoming a new version of yourself can be terrifying. But as you’ve probably heard, with knowledge comes power, and we’re about to make you the master of your wardrobe. Through a detailed one-on-one workshop, we’ll learn how to expertly dress for your figure, color palette, different seasons, and pair them with the types of clothes you want to wear. Then, using my branding expertise, I’ll comb through online stores to find the perfect pieces that will arrive right at your doorstep. Finally, we’ll try them on, check the fit and style, see how you feel, create outfits from them, and if anything needs to be adapted, I’ll take care of that too.

Make this dream come true

The process of discovering your unique style, one that fully represents the woman of your dreams, can seem overwhelming. But continuing to bear the burden of not embracing your authentic self is of no use to you. With the Inside-Out style method, you can create the space for the woman of your dreams to step into the world, free from opinions other than her own, with a wardrobe that is an extension of her soul.

For more information and how to get in touch with Alexandra, visit www.theholisticcloset.com and schedule a conversation with her. Want to know how to slip into the shoes of the woman of your dreams?

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Alexandra Prince is a seasoned wardrobe stylist turned style architect. She helps women unlock their next level by reimagining their wardrobes as an extension of themselves, aiming to create undeniable confidence and flawless lasting impressions for her clients to attract their dream clients while opening doors. valves for endless opportunities.

She is considered a style expert and thought leader in her own right. His work is rooted in the idea that style is an inside job and can energetically translate your message to the world.

With over ten years of experience in the fashion industry as a wardrobe stylist, working as lead stylist for Nordstrom photo studio, where she was responsible for half of the women’s categories and regularly asked to work on other high level projects. An entrepreneur herself and with a background in fashion design, Alexandra has built an extensive tool belt.

When she first set out to build her own business serving women entrepreneurs, she knew that her diverse skill sets would come into play. Yet she had no idea the magnitude of which she could. changing the way women present themselves with confidence in their lives and businesses.