Similar to the world of mainstream fashion, motorcycle gear and gear is as much about expression and style as it is about protecting you and yourself in the event of an accident or slip. make you feel comfortable aboard your beloved two-wheeler. When it comes to footwear, there are tons of options, each with their pros and cons. For street service, however, many riders opt for motorcycle sneakers.

Indeed, there is a huge selection of motorcycle sneakers to choose from, each varying in style, protective features and price. One of the leading style-focused brands is the Italian manufacturer Stylmartin. The brand has released their new pair of urban trainers called Sunset Evo, and they’re perfect for both daily and occasional riders looking for a no-frills pair of riding shoes to complement their casual riding gear.

Style-wise, the Sunset Evo is a combination of contemporary and retro design elements. Utilizing Stylmartin’s distinctive distressed sole, the Sunset Evo looks like it was seen a few miles straight out of the box – an aesthetic that appeals to a good number of urban cyclists. The shoe itself is primarily made of breathable canvas with black waxed inserts for added abrasion resistance. Inside you will find a mesh fabric lining for optimal air circulation, as well as an anatomical microperforated insole.

While we’re talking about features, the Sunset Evo is equipped with a number of protective features. To begin with, there are polyurethane inserts injected on either side of the malleolus. On the top of the foot, black leather reinforcements thicken the selector area which offers protection in the event of a forward slip, as well as resistance to wear from continuous gear changes. All the above safety features give the Stylmartin Sunset Evo a safety certification according to EN 13634:2017.

Stylmartin offers the Sunset Evo in a wide range of sizes from 36 to 47. The Italian brand adds an extra pair of laces so you can mix and match the style according to your preferences. Other than that, it comes in just one colorway – charcoal with fluorescent accents, and is reasonably priced at 149 Euros, which equals $149 considering the recent one-to-one conversion rate.