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When it comes to dressing for summer, certain clothes automatically come out. Think chunky winter sweaters, thick socks, and most long, non-breathable pants. Then on the other At the far end of the spectrum, some items are a no-brainer when summer rolls around – we’re talking strappy sandals (and supportive ones!), swimwear, coastal granny-inspired linen pants and more. fluid styles. What’s a bit of a mystery, though? Summer sneakers.

Not as cool as flip flops but not as warm as boots, sneakers are a bit of an anomaly. While some winter styles are specifically designed to be warm, others are so padded and structured that, while not naturally warm, they are so heavy that they weigh your feet down in a less than stellar for the summer. Add a pair of socks and forget it, it’s swamp town. And yet, if you’re walking the boardwalk or taking a summer stroll, slides and wedges just won’t cut it.

We’re here to unravel the mystery of summer sneakers so you can keep your cool, literally, all season long. Whether you’re running, hiking, or just running errands, slip on these lightweight, airy trainers.

The 10 Best Summer Sneakers for Cucumber-Cool Feet

Running, Cloudmonster – $170.00

Available in: Sizes 5 to 10, in half sizes.

Colors: White/green, Navy/purple

Say hello to On Running’s most cushioned silhouette. The On Running Cloudmonster trainers, which come in two colors and are designed to propel you forward with every step, manage to increase cushioning without adding much weight, making these running shoes an airy and plush choice for the outdoors. ‘summer.

Nike, Air Max 270 — $170.00

Available in: 5-12, in half sizes.

Colors: 10 different colors, from neutrals to neons.

The Nike Air Max 270 sneakers, sold in 10 vibrant colors, are designed to stay cool whatever the weather. The stable, plush sole ensures that every step is cushioned with comfort, while the perforated upper is designed to comfortably cradle feet without overheating them. Especially if you’re exercising outside or sweating in the heat, this will ensure your trotters don’t get fried.

APL, TechLoom Wave – $245.00

Available in: Sizes 5 to 11, in half sizes.

Colors: 19 different colors and patterns including cheetah print, marble and metallic.

Loved by celebrities, athletes, influencers and everyday people, APL is a sneaker brand that loves the idea of ​​ultra-lightweight everyday shoes. No matter which style you choose, the The TechLoom line, which includes the Techlook Wave, promises a extremely breathable upper that adapts to your foot without ever restricting it. (It’s also worth mentioning that most APL sneakers are designed to be slipped on, so they’re especially great for summer travel.)

Reebok, Women’s Nano X2 Training Shoes – $135.00

Available in: Sizes 5.5 to 11, in half sizes.

Colors: Nine different shades.

These award-winning trainers feature Reebok’s signature Flexweave knit upper, which is known for being soft, breathable and flexible, but also for full support. That’s why these trainers, which come in nine colors, are such a popular choice among gym-goers – don’t worry about sweaty feet in these bad boys.

Adidas, Ultra Boost 22 — $190.00

Available in: Sizes 5 to 12, in half sizes.

Colors: 16 different trendy shades.

Whether you’re looking for ultra-plush running shoes or an extremely comfortable pair of sneakers for your “hot girl walks”, the Adidas Ultraboost 22 is a solid choice. Personally, these are my favorite trainers for walking – the comfort and support is truly unmatched – however, depending on your shoe size, the heel may be too bulky for some elements (like rowing) of boutique fitness classes like Orangetheory and townhouse.

Yet thanks to their ergonomic footbed and feather-light upper (which is made from recycled marine plastics), these shoes are so airy you’ll never want to take them off. Oh, and did I mention they come in 16 colors?

Saucony, Women’s Endorphine Speed ​​2 — $160.00

Available in: 5-12, in half sizes.

Colors: 12 different colors.

Designed with a snug heel fit, breathable mesh upper, and responsive footbed and sole, these trainers are ideal for running, as well as pre-race workouts. It’s not just about staying dry and cool while you train, it’s also about the ability to stay light on your feet, which is what these sneakers promise. With 12 different colors there is something for everyone.

No Bull, Pride Art Women’s Black Sneakers +- $149.00

Available in: Sizes 5 to 11, in half sizes.

Colors: Black, white or rainbow uppers with rainbow soles, depending on the style you purchase.

Take a tour of your gym the next time you go. Chances are you’ll see more than a few pairs of No Bull sneakers maneuvering across the floor. Chances are it won’t be white or black kicks either.

They’re designed specifically for CrossFitters, but any gym-goer can benefit from their firm, sturdy soles and breathable uppers. Our choice ? This limited edition rainbow print for Pride Month, which donates proceeds to LGBTQIA+ organizations.

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruzv1 Reissue – $85.00

Available in: Sizes 5 to 12, in half sizes.

Colors: White, black, gray and white/leopard print.

These lightweight trainers are one of many silhouettes receiving endless praise from New Balance shoppers. Designed with an ultra-flexible mesh upper, these sneakers, sold in four colors, are about as airy as it gets. To ensure they provide ample support, they also feature a more structured midfoot saddle that attaches to the laces, so you can tailor the fit to your preference.

Allbirds, Women’s Tree Runners – $105.00

Available in: Sizes 5-11.

Colors: Six classic colors and 10 limited edition shades.

If durability is just as important as breathable comfort, turn your attention to Allbirds. Women’s running shoes are made with ethically sourced eucalyptus fiber, known for its lightness, comfort and breathability. Plus, these sneakers are particularly easy to wash, so there’s really a lot to like about them.

Saysh, a sneaker – $150.00

Available in: Sizes 5.5 to 11, in half sizes.

Colors: White, black, olive and pink.

The microsuede might feel too hot for summer, but Athleta shoppers swear the Saysh One Sneaker wicks sweat and stays breathable throughout wear. Just keep in mind that they are designed for low-intensity workouts, not HIIT or intense runs.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.