Not only the Cariuma Oca low-top sneakers retained their bright color amidst city life (essentially a miracle), but they made me feel effortlessly cool. In fact, I got one of my five favorite compliments – I’ll set the scene.

It was a very hot Friday in July and I was meeting my dear friend and her 2 year old in a park in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. See, her daughter goes to a preschool where they speak French to babies, and my friend said my sneakers made me look like one of the French moms she sees in preschool. It was an endless way of saying that these shoes are very chic.

And of course, I wouldn’t recommend these puppies if they weren’t super comfy. It’s saying something because I’m walking everywhere. (Hey, a sexy girl walking supports a healthy heart.) The cork sockliner provides just the right amount of arch support and cushioning, but it doesn’t make the vegan sneaker too heavy or bulky. In fact, they’re by far the lightest trainers in my collection, which means they’re the easiest to put on and the most comfortable to wear all day.

My only caveat is that the lower cut of the shoe design requires special invisible socks, if you prefer a sockless look. However, that’s a small price to pay for a sneaker that goes well with any outfit.