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I have news: I am in an exclusive relationship. Okay, no, not with a piece that I encountered in the aisle of a grocery store while looking for my whole-wheat pasta – although I’m sure I’m manifesting that real – cute encounter that will happen during my next Whole Foods race – but with a pair of white leather sneakers that I carry more than anything I own. Plot? Oh, I thought you would be.

The thing about me is that I love shoes. Heels! Apartments! Corners! Boots! You name it, I probably own multiples. But as I tried to create a more manageable range of shoes, I realized that all I really needed was my Salvas de Cariuma sneakers. Why? Because no matter what outfit I wear, and no matter what shoes I try on, I always end up wearing my Salvas. Hence why we are exclusive.

But seriously, I’ve tried many sneakers in my life – canvas, leather, suede and more. But the minute I slipped in my Salvas, I knew this would be the last style of leather sneaker I would own. Yes, I am currently on my third pair, not because my first pair is no longer wearable, but because they are so good, I wanted them in every color available.

You know how pretty stiff and hard most leathers are right out of the box? It’s normal, I know, and while there’s nothing a little break-in time can’t fix, I was blown away that wasn’t the case with my new Salvas. The brand had indicated this sneaker requires no break-in time, and I always take claims like that with a grain of salt, but my skepticism was extinguished very quickly when I put them on. The leather was so soft and supple; I felt like I had worn these sneakers for ages, although of course they were brand new.

The real comfort test came the next day. I’ve had a busy day of events and meetings, and although I’m still wary of wearing new shoes when I know I’m going to be on my feet for eight hours straight, I decided to take the risk to test the limits of the sneaker. To my surprise, as I rode home on the train in the last hour of my day, my feet (or blister-prone heels) didn’t hate me. I have been sold.

Obviously the supple, worn leather played a huge part in the level of comfort, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the other comfort-oriented factors of this sneakerlike the plush, removable mamona cork and oil insole and slip-resistant rubber outsole that provides just the right amount of bounce with every step.

Obviously, the Salvas are a home run when it comes to comfort, but they’re also a winner when it comes to style and durability. The sneakers, which are made from responsibly sourced leather Leather Working Group-certified tanneries, have a simple silhouette, but with retro-inspired details that make them look cool, like a subtle perforation and a colorful Cariuma logo. The sole is made from ethically sourced natural rubber, while the laces are made from a blend of recycled plastics and organic cotton.

I like a good white sneaker, but I love a white sneaker also designed with Mother Earth in mind. And that’s why I will only wear my Salvas from now on. Shop my favorite white leather sneakers below. I’m sure you’ll like it too.