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BTS members have become style icons! They have inspired quite a few people with three stunning senses with style! These boys have some stylish shoes! Here are some of the most expensive sneakers the Bangtan Boys own. Check it out:

1) Versace Trigreca sneakers by Jungkook
Jungkook’s collection of clothes and accessories is pretty amazing. He wore these awesome kicks in the Butter Dance practice video. According to a Times Now report, it costs around 60,000 rupees.

2) Balenciaga Triple S White Blue by Jin:
Run BTS gave us a good laugh. But it also gave us a glimpse of some of their awesome shoe collections! Jin wore these shoes in one of the episodes of Run BTS. Its price is a little higher at Rs. 72,000 in India, according to a report by Times now.

3) Mike leather ankle boots by Jimin:
Jimin had put on these shoes shortly before the release of their album, ‘BE:’. The shoes are priced at a whopping Rs. 68,000, according to a report from Times Now.

4) J-Hope’s LV sneakers:
J-Hope was spotted wearing these kicks during a V-Live. This pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers cost a whopping Rs. 96,460, according to a report from Times Now.

5) Gucci loafers from V:
V’s love for Gucci is well known. The idol was spotted wearing these Gucci loafers which cost Rs. 66,000, according to a report by Times Now.

6) Jungkook’s Balenciaga triple sneakers:
These shoes from Jungkook cost just over Rs 70,000, according to a report from Times Now. This is yet another expensive pair of shoes that was spotted on an episode of Run BTS.

7) V Maximal Runner Sneakers:
V was spotted in this room for the 8th anniversary family portrait. This pair costs around Rs. 1 lakh, according to a report from The Times now.

8) Travis Scott from Suga * Air Jordan 1 OG:
This is one of the most expensive shoes that BTS members have put on! This piece is part of the Travis Scott collection by Nike. Suga wore them in an AugustD music video. The shoes are priced at Rs. 2 lakhs, according to a report from Times Now.

9) Dior * Air Jordan 1 by J-Hope:
J-Hope is one of the members who owns quite a few expensive shoes. He wore these Dior* Air Jordan 1 Lows in the Map Of The Soul one concept photos. These stunning kicks cost around Rs 5 lakhs, according to a report from Times Now.

Check out these photos of the boys in their expensive sneakers here. What do you think of these awesome shoes and their shocking price? Let us know in the comments below!

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