• Memo Salinas, the nephew of Ricardo Salinas Plego, created flow Another follower wrote on Twitch asking for a pair of shoes.

  • So far, Memo Salinas has just over 12,000 subscribers on the Amazon platform.

  • To date, Twitch has garnered over seven and a half million views. streamer property worldwide.

During a stream on Twitch, a young man asked Ricardo Salinas Pligo’s nephew, Memo Salinas, for shoes for his new job, and the businessman’s response was immediate.

at present, According to Twitchtracker data released in April this year, Twitch has over seven and a half million active streamers.However, compared to last year, this figure represents a significant drop, as there were over 9 million streamers in January 2021.

In this sense, the arrival of the pandemic has been a perfect time for platforms like Twitch or even TikTok to establish themselves in the market; According to data from the platform, TikTok surpassed 1 billion monthly active users and Twitch as a streaming platform grew by 40% in the second half of 2020.

Data from Amazon’s own site shows it’s already the platform live broadcast Largest in the world, with 76.5% of total broadcast hours.

Today, with the rise of social networks and various digital platforms, content creators of all kinds are multiplying.

Therefore, Twitch today is one of the most popular places which in turn protects some of the most watched streamersas Ouronplay, El Rubius, Ibai Lanosamong others.

Salinas memo broadcasts on Twitch and receives a particular request from a subscriber

Without a doubt, when we talk about Twitch or other platforms, it is clear that it is one of the most popular platforms and, therefore, the most used today by a large community, not only Gamers, which is its main market.

today, The communication tools offered by Twitch, YouTube, are of great importance in the age of hyper communicationThat’s why it’s no surprise that more and more users are joining the trend with their content.

it’s a question Memo Salinas, nephew of TV Azteca owner businessman Ricardo Salinas Plego, on a platform owned by Amazon He has just over 12,000 subscribers.With whom he strikes up an interesting conversation.

during flow Or stream live on your Twitch channelMemo Salinas received a special request from a young man who he believed was about to start work.

This fact was also shared through the TikTok profile of Memo Salinas, where he announced that the young man had asked him to give him a pair of shoes for his new job and the reaction of the businessman was immediate.

From what is shown in the video on TikTok, the businessman also decided to approach the young man, first to meet him, and likewise, actually offered him two pairs of shoes. The response from Internet users was not long in coming, with Ricardo Salinas Plíego’s nephew applauding the response.



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“God bless him, what a big heart”; “What a nice gesture, crack, I see you living”; “Congratulations, and I’m grateful for your great help to the people.”; “What a nice man. May God fill you with much happiness”There are some user feedbacks.

Without a doubt, Twitch continues to reinvent itself as a complete content platform and the digital scene continues to show that the big bet is now virtual life.

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