Finding a training sneaker that is as comfortable as it is stylish often seems almost impossible. It may seem like sneakers fall into two distinct categories: hip and fashionable or utilitarian and supportive, and the two will never meet. This frustrating fact means that someone who loves aesthetic sneakers but also does a lot of exercise needs to invest in at least two different pairs of shoes, neither of which are cheap. It’s a luxury that many, myself included, cannot afford.

However, after months of research, there seems to be a pair of sneakers that seem to defy the odds, and I’m thrilled to report that we can get them on Amazon for less than $50. The Wonesion sports shoes may look like fashionable sneakers, but they are actually designed to be comfortable, comfortable and safe for workouts. The slightly eccentric but completely trendy style gives the shoe a major cool-girl vibe and explains its immense popularity.

These sneakers have 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 22,539 five-star reviews – and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

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The honeycomb hole design of the outsoles may look purely decorative, but it uses a hollow sculpted technology that actually provides stable shock absorption for high impact movements, keeps your feet balanced and stable, protects your ankles and prevents the feet from getting hurt. That means you can wear these flashy kicks while running, walking, tennis, gym, hiking, camping, traveling and more.

These lightweight shoes are made of durable and breathable knitted mesh and are available in 17 different colors. You’ll easily find the ones that best suit your vibe, whether you’re leaning into a fabulous streetwear look or want to hit the gym. I’ll take my normal size, but reviewers recommend sizing up if you have wide feet.

Check out the rave reviews below and don’t forget to pick up a pair or two for yourself.

“These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever felt. They have such comfortable cushioning and you can just walk in them, run, play sports, they are so awesome and they look sick!! Would recommend 100% these shoes!!!!” — S. Yentes

“I’m a shoe fanatic, I have a ton of designer shoes, but I honestly can’t say enough good things about these shoes. Great for the gym, running or just hanging out. — Michael Conaway

“I wore these shoes in DC and walked for 3 days all day and they didn’t hurt my feet. Comfortable and cute!” — Audrey

“Unexpected awesome. Social media led me to these shoes. I’m NOT a sneaker girl, but I have severe arthritis in my left foot and need to change the way I wear shoes. I recently received new custom orthotics and they fit exactly zero of my current shoes so I bought these on a whim I am half a size larger than I usually wear and the orthotics fit perfectly with plenty of room for my actual foot. The shoes are super comfy too. They aren’t Skechers Max cushions, but they’re less than half the price, fun to look at, and totally functional. Would definitely recommend. — A bee

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