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The magic does exist – and it’s in the form of a brilliant $10 gadget. Shoe crease protectors are the perfect gift for the sneakerhead in your life who wants to keep their kicks as smooth and crease-free as possible. Bonus points? The longer their shoes stay fresh, the longer you wait for another trip to the shoe store. Ultimate win-win.

Here are some of our favorite options below.

sneaker geek

Sneak Geek sneaker guards are designed for comfort. The soft material is very flexible and adjustable – just slip them into your trainers and go. Buyers on Amazon were pleased with the price, the level of comfort, and the awesome job these compact guys did on stubborn creases.

“I have bought my sneaker obsessed teenagers from many different brands and so far these are the best and also a good price. These serve their purpose and are teen approved which is an achievement VERY hard to get 😁,” one customer wrote.

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Sneak Geek/Amazon

Shoe crease protectors

Inserting these shoe crease protectors is super easy. Simply loosen the laces of the shoe, remove the insole, stick on the protector, put the insole back on and boom! You are ready to go. They’re made from a washable material with great breathability and come with over 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

As one parent said, “My teenage daughter is incredibly difficult to make creases in her shoes. It makes absolutely no sense to me, but she would literally buy new shoes and not wear them for months because she was afraid they would wrinkle. Ridiculous! But these things worked out so well! She said she couldn’t even feel them in her shoe and her shoe didn’t wrinkle! Brilliant invention for ridiculous teenagers.

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Shop Doni/Amazon

Gooudo shoe protectors (set of 4)

These wrinkle guards work on everything from dress shoes to casual shoes to leather shoes. The material is super thin and cuttable, so you can adjust them according to your foot specifications. It’s a unisex design that comes in two sizes (large and small) and shoppers have complimented its barely-there feel.

“Worked perfectly,” wrote one person in the reviews section. “You totally forget you’re wearing them and they don’t interfere with the way you walk. Worked for several different models of Jordans.

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