GAHANNA, OH (WCMH) – Video sent to WOWK affiliate NBC4 on Tuesday shows a chaotic scene involving a traffic jam on Interstate 270, with cars trying to pass anyway while trying to dodge two men who attack.

“After eight years of truck driving, I thought I had seen it all, but just when you think it, something else happens,” said Jon Castiaux, who witnessed the incident on Saturday morning on the I-270 South while waiting in broken traffic.

Castiaux told NBC4 he was approaching the Hamilton Road exit when he saw people running on the freeway. He then saw two men on the ground and initially felt like someone was getting CPR.

“I immediately thought it was a serious accident with an ejection,” Castiaux said. “As I got closer I noticed punches and kicks starting to fly so I just pulled out my phone to record it just to honestly prove it happened.”

The video showed the two men – one wearing a black hoodie and the other with a blue button down – briefly struggling on the ground, while other people got out of their car and stood nearby. Another man ran across the freeway and appeared to gesture towards the cars before fleeing. Both men then stood up, losing their shoes in the process, and the one wearing the black hoodie began kicking and throwing his hands at the other, knocking him down again.

Castiaux’s phone died after that, so it’s unclear what happened next. When the camera returned, the man in the blue shirt charged at the man in the black hoodie, throwing a punch at him. Other drivers in the traffic jam got out of their cars and watched the fight continue. Fed up with waiting, another driver snuck onto the sidewalk and continued.

The black hooded man then began to run away, picking up one of his shoes as he walked towards the median, and the other man gave chase. The video showed a red truck trying to pass the jam, nearly cutting it off as it attempted to move. Another witness approached the fight and appeared to be trying to talk to the two men. It didn’t seem to work, as the two men ran further down the highway.

At this point, Castiaux’s camera showed a car stopped in the median, which has a sign saying that U-turns are prohibited. The video ends before the two men stop again, but they appear to be running towards this car.

“I tried to figure out why it even happened,” Castiaux said.

NBC4 has contacted Gahanna Police to learn more about the aftermath of the fight. They said that by the time officers arrived at the scene, the fight was over. None of the people involved wanted to cooperate, and others had already left.

Officers made no arrests related to the scuffle, according to Gahanna Police.