Bombay: Star Bharat’s recently released show Woh To Hai Albelaa witnesses some interesting twists in the story.

It’s barely been a month and a half since the show aired and the creators have introduced so many interesting twists into the story.

Last week’s track was a huge twist in the show’s storyline.

Cheeru and Sayuri’s wedding was supposed to take place but he meets an accident and dies in the mandap of the wedding.

The whole family slips into the trauma because it all happens in the blink of an eye.

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Sayuri and Kanha’s life changed forever.

In the next episode, Saroj is still traumatized by the loss of her son Cheeru as he was dearest to her.

She also blamed Kahna for taking Cheeru away from her.

Kanha is deeply saddened to see her mother and her family suffer like this.

We all know that Kanha always decided to be a vlogger but then he decides to give up his passion and take care of the family.

Kanha will decide to take over the business in Cheeru’s absence.

He prepares for the same and it leaves the whole family shocked.

Additionally, Sayuri will also return to work as she has to take care of a family.

Kanha’s first day at work was very frustrating because she didn’t understand anything.

He has an emotional breakdown in front of Anjali.

Meanwhile, Sayuri reaches college but doesn’t go inside and instead goes somewhere else.

Her sisters panic as Sayuri’s phone is unreachable and she is nowhere to be found.

Kanha tries to gather strength to deal with the situation.

Sayuri’s grandmother calls Kanha and informs her that she is missing.

Kanha panics and tries to watch over her.

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