Here are the best sneaker styles to keep in your wardrobe this summer.

Here are the best sneaker styles to keep in your wardrobe this summer.

Every spring wardrobe needs a white sneaker. Although they are known to get dirty easily, there is no denying that they are the best everyday shoes. Their simple coloring makes them easy to pair with any outfit, and they’re sure to bring out your spring tan. To sort out your spring footwear, here are 8 white sneakers you must have on rotation.

CT300 by Comme des Garçons Man X New Balance

A white sneaker is the perfect shoe for every day. It goes well with everything, is reliable and can make any outfit look casual. The CT300 from Comme des Garçons Homme and New Balance takes the patterns of the perfect class shoe and makes it a luxury. Although they look simple, the CT300s have a sleek black heel detail, adding dimension to the solid look. These shoes would look great with shorts and a t-shirt, or would be the perfect shoe to complete a casual suit look.

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Mid ’77 Vintage Blazer by Nike

This is a shoe that needs no introduction. The Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage shoes from Nike have been one of the hottest shoes of the last year. Their sleek design makes them perfect to wear with any shape of trouser. Their contrasting shades of white add dimension and make them more interesting compared to an all-white design.

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White Evolution Runner Sneakers by Maison Margiela

Every wardrobe needs a reliable running shoe. Whether it’s running errands or days when you’ll be on your feet, a comfortable running shoe will be your best friend. However, most running shoes can feel bulky and too athletic for an everyday vibe. The white Evolution Runner sneaker from Maison Margiela gives you the class of a formal sneaker with the comfort of a classic running shoe. Its cushioned sole will not hurt your feet after a day of walking. Its retro, yet modern style stands out from the typical sports shoes.

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Retro White Oreo Jordan 4 by Nike

You can never go wrong with a classic. The Retro White Oreo Jordan 4s are a staple of the sneakerhead game for a reason. They are the perfect mix of bulky and sleek. The unusual shape draws attention, while their simple coloring keeps them from being too overdone. These trainers are great with any streetwear look, but can also be teamed with a formal look to add a streetwear vibe.

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Salomon XT-6 Running Shoes

If you’re looking for a dependable athletic shoe that will drive sneakerheads crazy, look no further. Salomon’s XT-6 running shoes are becoming one of the most popular sneaker styles in the world. Its geometric styling creates a unique pattern for the laces, while its spike-shaped sole offers excellent support for running or walking. The colored details on the top of the tongue add a nice touch of color to brighten up the silhouette.

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White Charlie Sneakers by Ann Demeulemeester

You can never go wrong with a white slip-on sneaker. They are simple and easy to wear with any outfit. However, white briefs can get boring after a while as they are quite simple. Ann Demeulemeester adds some pizzazz to white underpants with the White Charlie sneakers. These slip ons feature a lightweight platform sole and very light gray heel detail to move away from the simplicity of the traditional white slip on.

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Achilles High by Common Projects

If you’re looking for a plain high-top sneaker, the Achilles High from Common Projects is the one for you. Like the Blazer ’77 Mids, these sneakers are stylish and the perfect shoe for any outfit. However, these sneakers have a monochromatic color scheme, unlike the Blazer ’77 Mids. They feature an all-white upper and a cream sole to add a pop of color.

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Forum High OG ‘Undyed’ by Y-3

For the latest sneaker in the white sneaker roundup, Y-3’s Forum High OG ‘Undyed’ takes its place. These sneakers are the perfect option if you’re looking for a more luxurious take on a high-top basketball sneaker. Shaped similar to an Air Jordan 1, these trainers incorporate Yohji Yamamoto’s signature flare with streetwear flair. Coming in an off-white colourway, these trainers will stand out without blinding your eyes. The strap on the ankle gives the perfect old school basketball look, while the zipper detailing adds a modern touch.

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