A woman praising her husband as relationship ‘goals’ after he swapped shoes with her so she wouldn’t get blisters on her heels while on vacation has gone viral.

Adelia, who goes by the username @adelialaughs on TikTok, shared an adorable video of her husband wearing his lime green platform sandals as he navigated a cobbled street on Wednesday. In the clip, the TikToker husband, who was also holding her tote bag, could be seen wearing heeled sandals with a striped polo shirt, khaki shorts and a belt while walking past her.

Adelia then briefly showed off her own outfit, which consisted of a dress and the black flip flops her hubby wore before the swap.

“When he changes shoes with you so he doesn’t get blisters on vacation,” she wrote in a text caption to the video, which was set to Quinnie’s song “Touch Tank.” She captioned, “And the tote bag. #HusbandGoals #ProtectHimAtAllCosts”

As of Thursday, the video has been viewed more than 850,000 times, with viewers praising Adelia’s husband for the sweet gesture.

“I don’t even like men, but he’s a perfect man,” one person commented, while another said, “That’s what everyone should be looking for in a partner – secure, caring and loving.”

“Every day my standards rise,” wrote one viewer.

Others shared their happiness for Adelia, with someone else writing, “It’s so wholesome, I’m so happy for you.”

“It’s so attractive! Go you!!” another person wrote, to which Adelia replied, “Thank you!!”

Adelia’s husband’s ability to walk in heels also impressed viewers, with many Adelia followers applauding the strut.

“He works so well too!” one person commented, while another said, “On the cobblestones of Nantucket anyway.”

As to whether Adelia’s husband got blisters while wearing the platform sandals for their mile walk, the TikToker revealed in the comments that he was “fine” because the shoes fit him differently.

This isn’t the first time Adelia has publicly praised her partner. She previously expressed her gratitude to her husband in a video shared last month, in which she shared her happiness at having found a partner who “accepts my body as it is”.

“Now that I have a partner who accepts my body as it is, I wonder why I wasted so much time trying to be anything other than myself for anyone,” he said. – she wrote alongside a video of the couple, adding in the caption: “You deserve the babies of the world.