A group of volunteers have launched their second “Walk the world” fundraising event and are ready to walk even more miles.

Last year, seven committee members from Save the Children’s Wisbech branch took on the ‘Walk the World’ challenge with a goal of 2,786 miles to help raise charity coffers after the pandemic.

This year, the hardy group tackles the distance between Wisbech and the African state of Sierra Leone, a total of 4,368.3.

Left to right, Stanley Spinks, Vanita Lightfoot, Nicky Ketley and Wendy Smith. (57519046)

The challenge is based around one of the countries where the charity works, and last year the distance covered was from Wisbech to Syria.

The team will have to increase its number of weekly kilometers which last year was around 250 miles to 280 this time.

It will be hard work as the team put in more miles, but they hope to meet their £1,000 fundraising goal.

Vanita Lightfoot, from Wisbech Save the Children, who is one of the participants, said: “Save the Children doesn’t just work overseas, it also works here in this country.

“We are busy holding sponsor forms at community outlets, but we will be at the Wisbeach Rock Festival and also the Parson Drove Car and Bike Show where people can come and donate.

“We’re aiming to complete the challenge by November so people have plenty of time to sponsor and we’ll be giving regular updates on our progress, so watch this space.”