Zendaya can’t fail in fashion. The Emmy-winning singer and actor is a style queen both on the red carpet and on the streets, whether in a $20,000 crystal-embellished Alexander McQueen blazer dress, a vintage evening dress with the Yves Saint Laurent or baggy, nameless outfit with a pair of Swiss running shoes. On May 2, she was seen in the latter while on the streets of Boston, where she was due to begin filming her new movie. Challengers instead of attending the Met Gala. Zendaya’s sneakers are from On, a brand specializing in performance footwear.

It’s understandable that Zendaya was randomly bundled up for a day on set. Boston’s weather hit a high of 55 degrees yesterday, and the early days of productions are some of the least glamorous as people are still getting organized. However, her shoe choice seemed thoughtful – On running shoes are highly regarded for their comfort over long periods of wear. His particular style is called cloudultra and can sustain activities as extreme as a long hike through the Swiss Alps or as everyday as a walk on city sidewalks. (A patented foam formula promises abundant cushioning for long-lasting comfort.) Considering the length and intensity of the filming process, it makes sense that Zendaya chose such a versatile pair.

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From a durability standpoint, shoes are also a smart choice. The brand is very transparent about how much of its content is recycled and where its products are made. The product description of this shoe, for example, states that it contains only about 5% total recycled content and was produced in a factory called Diamond in Vietnam. (You can read more information about the installation on the brand’s interactive map, here.)

It also gained attention last year for raising $746 million in an IPO and reporting an estimated market value of $7.3 billion. So if you hadn’t heard of the brand at all before reading this article, that’s likely to change as these financial milestones and unofficial celebrity endorsements are gearing up for cult success. Below, browse and shop Zendaya’s sneakers, along with several other trusted styles from the brand.

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